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Are you a light worker? Why we think our gifts set us apart and why that’s the opposite of the truth.

7 Heart it! Cendrine Sauvenier 176
November 11, 2018
Cendrine Sauvenier
7 Heart it! 176

I was chatting with one of my friends the other day and something she said sparked a reaction in me.


She had just been told by her ‘spiritual teacher’ that she was a light worker. She was very excited about it. It made her feel very special.


Those few words opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her. It was both positive and negative, as most experiences are, always showing us the dual aspect of reality.


On one hand, it fuelled her self-worth and opened up her horizons, but on the other hand, it fuelled her ego big time and gave her a sense of having some sort of deep responsibilities.


Then, a couple of days later, I read a post by another friend. She was explaining that after discovering that she was an empath, she had now discovered that she had psychic abilities and was most likely a light worker too.


She seemed mostly buried under some sort of responsibilities that she couldn’t even define herself. She was feeling different from others, separate.


For both of them, these thoughts of being light workers had created feelings of being special, different. They were projected in a new reality where they were feeling very much alone.


This is when I thought that I needed to write about this phenomenon, as something is very much out of alignment.


How can discovering that we are light beings sets us apart from others?


When we find a gift or a talent that makes us feel different from others, special, we hook onto it and create a new identity around it.


The danger with this approach, is that our ego is fuelled to the max and we lose a part of our connection to others.


I have been like that myself for years and this is why I can relate so much…


I thought that because I was intuitive and psychic, I was special because those powers made me supposedly more spiritual. Others couldn’t understand me and the reality I was living in.


I had to find my true life-purpose to bring some kind of big revelation to others.


With that belief system deeply rooted in me, I started helping others by working as a spiritual psychic healer and I did it for many years.


But I felt more and more out of alignment with the fundamental principles of true spiritual seekers: humility and service to others.


I had to take a break from working with those modalities, as it was no longer working for me. The voice within was growing louder and louder: “This is not the way”.


I never realised that my needs to feel special were actually feeding my ego and separating me from others. That’s never what I wanted. On the opposite, I was craving closeness, friendships and unity.


What I realise now, is that what my heart craves for is to be part of the community of human beings, all of us, humans and not just a ‘tribe’ of ‘like-minded people’.


What my soul craves, is to be at one with God and live life every day, feeling joyful and happy. That’s all.


I don’t want to think that I am special any longer. That has created too much ambition, that burnt me down and separated me from others.


We are all sparks of God, made at His own image. So fundamentally, all of us are light workers, all of us have gifts, all us are equals, none of us are special.


What happens, is that each of us reflects a certain aspect of the divine. We reflect a spark of God, but we are not God. What we call gifts are not gifts, they are the reflection of one of God’s ray.


I reflect the rays of intuition, psychic abilities and astral travels. Those gifts do not belong to me, they are from God. I am just a mirror reflecting them.


I do not reject them as I don’t want to reject any of God’s gifts. I accept them fully. But now, my work is to keep them with humility.


We are all reflecting some aspects of God.


Some reflect musicality and others visual artistic beauty. Some reflect abundance and productivity while others mirror simplicity.  Some humans reflect joy and laughter while other mirror depth and independence. Some people reflect high intelligence and logic, while others reflect care and unconditional love.


Do you get where I’m going?


Too often, once we get to be very good at something, we think we are talented, we are special. That creates separation.


It sets us apart from others and creates ‘tribes’: the artists, the doctors, the musos, the teachers, the light workers, etc.


We stay stuck, forgetting to be humble, our ego creating a veil of comforting illusions that we are ‘that’ and that it sets us apart.


Off course we are all entitled to develop our talents. It makes us feel vibrant, increase our self-esteem and gives us some sense of purpose in life.


Let’s never deny and reject any gifts or talents, as they are all the reflections of our own divinity.


What I am saying is that we shouldn’t attach so easily to those gifts and allow them to define who we are to then separate our self from others.


We have to learn to transcend them by practising humility.


We are all light workers because we all heal others, simply by being a human.


We heal or friends by listening to them, we heal by bringing music in the world, beautiful piece of arts, amazing books and articles. We heal by nurturing our children, our parents, our animals.


We are born to bond to others because we are all reflecting different aspects of the divine.


If we can take that to bring unity between all of us, human beings, then we will all transcend the separation coming from our ego that needs to set itself apart by being special to feel that it exists.


Don’t be scared little ego, you and I and all of us don’t need to be special, because intrinsically, we are perfect, we are all sparks of the divine after all…



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7 Heart it! Cendrine Sauvenier 176
7 Heart it! 176

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juliefacebook16 Nov 12, 2018 12:56pm

Beautiful honesty and perspective. Thank you.

    Cendrine Sauvenier Nov 14, 2018 3:44pm

    Thank you Julie! I’m really happy that yo liked it and took the time to write it down;-) I’m writing many more articles so stay tuned – thank you;-)

Carrie Dunning Dec 3, 2018 11:14am

Great article. So much truth to this, we are all lightworkers.

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