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Be human with me.

6 Heart it! Zesi Ngubane 683
February 3, 2018
Zesi Ngubane
6 Heart it! 683


Be human with me.
Take off your armor,
strip yourself bare,
of this thin veil you call bravado,
lay down your weapons formed.
Your skin I want it exposed,
To all my elements..
Flames;ferociously licking,
a rampant wild fire,
every fiber of your being, ablaze.
Water;every droplet clinging,
seeping into your skin,
as it courses down the valley of your spine,
your every cell demanding to be bathed,
Wind; catapulting your soul,
headlong into a maelstrom of feeling,
More alive have you never felt,
as I hold you…aloft.
Did you think I would let you fall?
Inhale ,deeply
Your lungs, clogged with it,
as you know it,
Your eyes finally open.
Ahh God, there You are,

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6 Heart it! Zesi Ngubane 683
6 Heart it! 683

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Priscilla Pozos Feb 9, 2018 11:03am

Simply beautiful!

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