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Create the reality you want – in 10 days.

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February 12, 2018
Radhika Mīa
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Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most ~ Buddha

I always wondered if one could re-start life — like pressing a restart button of a turbo engine. Each morning our minds would be refreshed and cleansed of all fears and limiting beliefs, and all rigid patterns of perception and cognition will be gone. And just like that, with the blink of an eye each morning — we would become brand new.

But I found out that one is able to re-start life. One can set out each day to create a reality of one’s choice and live life exactly the way s/he chooses.

And one can do this by the shifting of awareness and perceptions from one set of possibilities to another. Such awareness shifts is what causes spontaneous remissions among cancer and other terminally ill patients. These unexpected improvements or cure from a disease occurs as a result of a shift from negative thoughts to pleasant thoughts or thoughts of a new state of wellbeing.

It is negative thoughts that contribute to most illnesses because the brain is in constant communication with the body and vice versa — in a closed feedback loop. Thoughts produce chemicals in the body and the body responds by producing and storing those feelings. In turn, feelings held in the body causes thoughts to occur in the mind.

We feel what we think and we think what we feel.

The only way to break this loop between the mind and the body — is to break it at the level of the thinking. The bad news is that our thoughts have immense power — to either make or break our lives, or in some cases, cause death or prolonged illnesses. It is scary how a single thought can change the entire course of someone’s life. But the good news is we are in total control of what we think. We can tame the “monkey mind”. We can reinvent our selves and formulate a new idea of who we want to become.

Change the way you think if you want to reinvent yourself. Change the way you perceive your life if you want to formulate a new life for you. As your thinking shifts so does your life.

But many people are not aware of the changes they need to make in order to reach the new state of their desire. Still many aren’t aware of the instantaneous connection between the mind and the body — and the role they play in creating our life experiences.

So awareness of the way one feels is critical — this way one would be able to trace the feeling all way back to the thought that caused it. Once you are aware of the thought that caused the feeling — you should be able to change the thought. Replace it to a good or better feeling thought.

Once you are in the experience of the new reality and you like it there — the key to holding yourself in that reality is to daily reach out for those good feelings and thoughts.

For the next 10 days, as you wake up and soon as you open your eyes each morning, but before you jump out of bed — think of the person you would like to be during the course of the day. Perhaps someone with more confidence and less anxiety. Some who is creative and fun to be with. Someone who finishes any task at hand. Think how you want to feel — worthy, loved or passionate. Or think how you want your day to turn out to be.

By thinking and feelings those thoughts, the desire of a new reality has been communicated to the body, albeit subtly . So now trust your body to do the work for you. Whoever you want to be or however you want your life to turn out to be — by thinking good feeling thoughts, even if they last few seconds each morning — your life will change.

There is no doubt.

Remember that each morning we are born again and so what we think and feel each morning is what matters the most.

Radhika Mīa is a contemporary artist, transcendentalist and writer based in South Africa.

W: I: instagram: radhika_mia and FB: Radhika Mia.

Photo: Tommy Ingberg

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0 Heart it! Radhika Mīa 17
0 Heart it! 17

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