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Dear Lover.

3 Heart it! Xuolliam Ahsirt 111
September 13, 2018
Xuolliam Ahsirt
3 Heart it! 111

Dear lover,

Do you know I spoke to you, as the wind speaks to the trees, when all that was left between us was memories and space?

Do you know, I held you close in my heart, when you had long since been wrapped in my embrace?

Did you feel my soul reaching out to yours in the darkness?

Extending a beacon of light with which to guide you back home.

Did you sense the prayers I sent forth for your peace amongst the nectar of experiences you so blindly seeked?

Dear lover,

You drive me forward on the unrelentless journey of self-exploration.

Finding joy in the space outside the solid lines of persistent expectations.

Freedom from the attachment to the known.

Security in the consistency of the unknown.

Dear lover,

I pray we get it right this time.

Our lives intertwined like our limbs, tangled amongst the sheets.

Minds with a bond forged from the molten lava of compassionate intentions.

Healing happiness.

Dear lover,

Can you sense the adoration from my spirit extending through the tips of my fingers as they caress your fuzz-laden skin?

Do the rapid breaths that escape my parted lips tell you the story of how my body electrifies in response to your kisses?

Dear lover,

My heart wearily beats…trying to honor a faith in love again.

Days passed feeling like years.

Seasons feeling like reasons.

The waves wash over me, as I fight the undertow of fear.

Learning to trust the process,

becomes the anchor in the storm.

Certain uncertainty.

Real talk.

Veils lifted, transparency the key.

Start fresh, to be seen anew in someone else’s eyes.

Slate wiped clean.

Past transgressions forgiven by grace.

Dear lover,

Will it be enough to anchor you to this place?

Misguided misgivings poisoning the mind.

The battle of spiritual warfare,

Selfish attacks from kin,

of the most unruly kind.

Planting seeds of self -reflection and self-judgment.

Distractors from redemption of sin.

Watering the weeds of internal criticism leading into a tailspin of questioning self-diagnostics.

Finding serenity within, the never ending journey.

A powerful sense of what’s to come, with an inability to control it,

Driving an inner determination for a louder voice of constructive reasoning.

A desire to be safe from your self-destruction, by saving others from reality’s teaching moments.

Lover dear,

Do you know what I would give to free you from the self imposed traps of internal conflicts and the ever-impending sense of doom?

I would trade you all of that in exchange for a moment of sweet serenity.

If you had a free hour, I would not want to occupy your time,

I would want you to do what brings peace to your soul.

What guides you through this reality is this finite evolution,

A kinematic expression of the cinematic chaos of this consciousness.

A firm reverence for the calm invoked by rest.

Deference to reference.

Dearest lover,

Do that which stirs your spirit and anchors your joy.

Find whatever grounds you to this reality and honor it.

Cherish it.

My Dear Lover,

Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror;

then we shall see face to face.

Now I know in part;

then I shall know fully,

even as I am fully known

Right now three things remain: faith, hope, and love.

These things will endure forever–

But of all the three, the greatest is the power of love.

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3 Heart it! Xuolliam Ahsirt 111
3 Heart it! 111

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