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For the Witches. Poem.

2 Heart it! Monika Carless 266
October 31, 2018
Monika Carless
2 Heart it! 266

For the Women, the witches, in remembrance of the souls lost to the witch hunts on this holy day of Samhain.

Why do we need to honor the witches, the wise women, the herbalists and mid-wives and the innocent, their families and their familiars? Can’t we just move on, as someone recently asked me?

We do move on, we forgive and transmute, we find collective healing… but there is a sacredness in remembering. By remembering the past we can make better decisions in the present and the future.

Women today are still shedding those old wounds. Women today are still seeking freedom from fear, from judgement and in many parts of the world, persecution for just being.

May this poem be of benefit, may it help us to step into that fearless authenticity we crave as wild women. May it remind us that there is power in our wombs and in our hearts. And may we never be thrown into the fire again.


One day she remembered
That she was part of the wilderness outside her door
That she was raw and pulsating with life
The huntress who understood the sounds of the forest and the call of her untamed nature
One day, she let go of what she was supposed to do
She stripped her clothes to run naked and unashamed with the wind
A wise woman embracing her sacred gifts
And when they asked her “Who do you think you are?”
She answered, eyes burning bright…
We shall be witches and sex goddesses!
We have remembered our light
And never again will it be wrong to be a woman
Never again will you throw us into the fire

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2 Heart it! Monika Carless 266
2 Heart it! 266

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