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Going Gently with My Sadness, a Yoga Mudra Practice.

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August 1, 2018
Susan Ni Rahilly
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There’s a Sub-title to my story: Is it still a bit “taboo” to admit to sadness?

I flow with my “Moon stuff”—and we’re still just within the seven-day quarter phase of Full Moon to Last Quarter. The quarter phases in our 28-day Moon cycle of our tides of inner realms of thought and emotion all have qualities . . . we’re still in the “relaxing into manifesting” days. And when we relax into something, after tension of getting it together (an idea, concept, project, new them) that is the time when sadness can surface. It’s like it comes up for air, claiming our attention.

I was expecting it. My “Moon stuff” gave me a pre-warning. I just never quite know the how or when of the emotions. It came last night, in the middle of the night and waking me up with a slight tension headache. That’s my cue… I just have to go gently with it, usually breathing and relaxing to release pent up sadness. The tension headache comes from a tightness in my mid-back, between the shoulder blades—I call this physical area “top of the back heart,” meaning the energetic heart centre and as if I could point my finger right at the top of my chakra.

When I’ve released the tension, slowly and gently, then the slow bubbling-up of the sadness starts. I’ve even given up on the job of naming, or labeling the emotion—being so used after 25 years of processing in this way. The next day can find you feeling raw and tender—physically, emotionally and often spiritually.

I say, “this is when we go gently with our sadness…” And I love yoga for its gentle practices, so this when I use the hand mudras: the gentle gestures that can be so powerful in their effect on us . . . even tho we might not feel that strong, we are still supported.

So, my hand mudra practice today has been the “gesture of unshakable trust in the Universe” or the Faith Mudra.

This is my teaching version, and I uploaded it this morning here on my Youtube channel playlist:


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0 Heart it! Susan Ni Rahilly 270
0 Heart it! 270

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