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How To Release Your Deepest Struggles

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April 30, 2018
Maurice Kok
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How to release your deepest struggles and set yourself free

A deep and intense inner struggle, we all know that, for one the struggle can be relationship and for the other it can be money, health or self worth. All of these struggles have one thing in common the internal fight and the feeling of being ‘powerless’. What comes with the thoughts of not seeing how we can get out of this. I will share with you what I did to set myself free from this inner burden.  

How do we do this 

First of all, I had to understand that the inner burden was mental based and this struggle was not that big struggle as I thought it was. I became aware of this by being honest with myself. Is this struggle this big? I looked at every angle of my life and asked the question again and again. And I felt, that this deep struggle was not as big as I thought it was, it was more a blame point for many other things in life. 

For me, as for the most people, we blame our biggest struggle for everything we do and we put the struggle between every breath in our day. We feel not well, we blame our deepest struggle. We feel frustrated, we blame our deepest struggle and with every other emotion, we blame this deep inner struggle. At a certain day, I knew this struggle was also a game, what I loved playing. We are playing games with ourselves and this game is a game that only you can stop.

After understanding that you are the one who makes this ‘struggle’, you also discover that you are also capable to change this and take the full responsibility to release yourself from this big struggle.

Stop playing the game and take responsibilities

The game can only be continued if you keep playing, look at your inner struggles as a soccer game. When you stop playing, your struggles has nobody to play with so the game can’t continue. You may think, yes but than my struggles wins! Yeah so what, for what end? You don’t even like the game, do you? We can stop this game by just walking away from the field and stop reacting on the invitation to play. 

How do we walk away – Now we’re at the point of taking responsibilities. You are the one who can walk away and ignore the reaction of your struggles, who you are playing against. This is what I did: I took a moment for myself, stopped with everything I did and breathe into my center point. After reaching your center point you take a look at the game you are playing, what is this about and be honest with this. Ask yourself do I blame ….(your deep struggle)……. for everything I feel and do?  

Let the answer come to you and don’t blame yourself, keep yourself in your center point by breathing and being present. Let this work out for a while by just breathing and allowing.

When you feel you can move on, you take the next step. You breathe and demand your energies to get out of this game. GET OUT OF THE GAME NOW! Take the responsibility and tell yourself to get the energies out of the game, not only in this moment but in every moment, every life time, past and future. 

Start breathing again and allow for a few moments longer. You may feel the energies changing and you may feel some game energies coming back to you. When you feel that you received all your energies back you can open your eyes again.

What will happen next

After this energy change you made in your body, you will discover that every time you want to  start playing the game, conscious or unconscious, you will become aware of what is going on and that you stepped into the game again. The moment you become aware in that specific moment you can chose to take your energies back, turn around and walk away. This can take weeks or months until you fully collected all your energies of the game, back into your presents. Because every time you’ll learn and become even faster aware of the situation. Till the moment that there isn’t a game to play anymore. After the collection of your energies a new way of living is started.

If you would like to work with with me to help you on this journey into Freedom or you want to take a first step into Freedom, use this Free Session right here.

About me:

After my journey and finding my freedom, I have to admit that there is almost nothing left to define myself with. All the attachments, drama, labels and structure are gone and the only thing what is left is my pure self. The fully integrated me. While I enjoy myself by just being here now, I decided to assist each and every one who is willing to move into freedom. I do this by sharing all the wisdom I have gained on my path in freedom, the steps I took to leave human prison and the new consciousness I have after reaching this state of being.

Video: How to release your deepest struggles and set yourself free

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1 Heart it! Maurice Kok 250
1 Heart it! 250

Maurice Kok May 4, 2018 5:19pm

Thanks for sharing 🙂

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