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How Uplifting Your Divine Self Can Transform Your Health

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May 15, 2018
Remy Taylor
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There are many periods in this lifetime that we witness deep metamorphosis. Sometimes it’s our own desires manifesting and othertimes it’s of those who surround us.

In this case, it was my best friend of 18 years.

Two days ago I received a message from her that read ‘what I’m about to say is literally the hardest thing I have ever had to do and it’s terrifying me.’

As humans, we expect the worst and begin grieving for things before they even happen. I began to think of her years of drastic weight loss, severe migraines and regular doctors visits.

To be honest, I was always her unofficial doctor trying to find the diagnoses to her endless list of illnesses. And although her life has been surrounded by countless friends, boyfriends and family, the only thing that stood out was stress.

When we are unable to systematically organise our own thoughts and be conscious of our highest intuition and the lessons needed to be learnt, stress can and will rule our lives.

But what could she possibly be stressed about?

In fact, the thing that stands out the most about her is her irresistible aura and ability to exude positive energy the moment she walks in a room. For all her life, guys have fallen at their knees competing at the chance to secure her love. We’ve talked everything from gratitude, happiness, dating, our attraction to similar men, wedding days and having our own children a million times over.

So when I read the words ‘I have dated, slept with and been extremely vocal about how hot guys are, to try my absolute best to not make how I actually feel about females a reality’.

My first thought, with a sigh of relief ‘thank the universe she’s not sick’.

My second, ‘okay, so she’s gay’.

It’s at this point I knew she’d be completely vulnerable and anxiously awaiting my reaction. At the very least, I offered my truest love and support.

Honestly, it was a shock, she had hidden this so well that I would never have imagined. I began reflecting on the idea of being human, our earthly existence and our inward and outward identities.

Life is full of mysteries, and sometimes these are hidden by the repression of our truest divine self. This cover-up of coveted sexuality and all other forms of hidden identities is all too familiar in this lifetime. Most of us are internally battling every day by holding an image of who we are trying to be.

The stress involved with this false perception of ourselves and others is a killer and proven by many medical professionals to seriously impact our health, both mentally and physically.

My best friend is a testament to the decline of health caused by hidden identity stress. In order to solve this, we must live more presently, in the fullness of joy and the abundance that is our divine self.

In the words of my best friend, ‘I have realised that my happiness is just as important as anyone else’s so I am very slowly trying to see the light’.

By reminding ourselves every day of our values, ethics and gratitude we are able to create and guide foundations that secure who we are. This way, whatever obstacles, assumptions or lack of support that may arise, there will always be the love of ourselves.

I can’t speak on behalf of the LGBT community, but I can speak from the heart of humankind, making the choice today to find the golden light within ourselves is not too late. The power to transform and be cosmically creative about the pathway of our lives is in our hands.

We are all remarkable, divine beings who have the power to establish the life we want, today.

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0 Heart it! Remy Taylor 47
0 Heart it! 47

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