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October 15, 2018
rasha saifi
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I don’t want to fall in love

I want to RISE in love

I RISE with the early morning sparkling ray of light that tickles me to invite my first conscious breath

I RISE with self-worth and self-growth

With consistency and continuation

I RISE with the love of a family that supports me in every way

I RISE with the love of a kind friend who never had a blurred vision towards my reality and intentions, with all the layers I grew or shed over the years

I RISE with the love for a career that was a struggle in the beginning and will keep offering me moments of challenge to push me higher and higher

I RISE in love with strangers who are not afraid to show a glimpse of kindness, who would out of nowhere, break the rule, step into humanity and communicate

I RISE in love with a man who is on a journey of self-growth and who sees in failure new directions and new ways to rise; who sees in me an opportunity to rise higher combined, and if one must fall it will be a fall into a new opportunity to rise

I did RISE through love so many times-

The love I gave myself

When I found comfort in the most uncomfortable positions

When I did not go for second best

When I didn’t settle for a life that does not suit my vision

When I did not compromise my feelings just to please a community that has a one way method for every situation

When I left a job that limited my creativity

When I dodged a man who wanted to change my essence to suit his fake inherited values

When I left friendships that did not nourish or respect my heart and mind

I want to keep RISING up and through all these forms of love

As falling in love is not my cup of tea.


Rasha saifi

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0 Heart it! rasha saifi 7
0 Heart it! 7

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