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If you tell me why, and I told you why!

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October 24, 2018
Lucie Uhlarova
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If you tell me why, and I told you why!

Somebody really loves you…

What if you had only 66 days to live (that number could be any number for that matter, so to speak)?

We all have a certain number of days to enjoy or to suffer through.
We all have a certain amount to plan and to play with.

I would tell you how I feel about you and when I am with you. But, nevertheless, I would tell you anyway! That is the point I am trying to make.

So you are going to watch from afar?!

My intent: I just want to be heard, and say what I have to say…

My Love, You have been on and in my mind. I am interested in you and I want to know you more.

I wish I could tell you how much I love you but no, you are way too stubborn to listen to me right now.

I am not against you, I am with you. And always have been. Please, trust me. If you can trust me 200%, everything else will fall nicely into place. I wish you could totally trust me.

Let me into your world. Again. Please. I am not blind, I can see it all. I feel like I was not even given a chance… I need you as much as you need me. I want you.

I feel we are connected on many levels. I am talking about the connection, the times when you are who you are. And so am I… And we have that. And this is rare. And I have really enjoyed that with you. I take a pleasure in your company.

There is a connection, there is love, there is a mind blowing love-making, there is a passion, there is a friendship, there is fun.

The best role a woman could possibly play in a man’s life.

I want you to feel free with me in the best way there is.

You completely give up yourself to me in the most beautiful way imaginable.

We will always intrigue each other.

I want you to see my face… and see that I so mean it! I want you to see my face in person and so you can see my eyes.

Let me be there… for you. I will never give up on you… I will never give you up!

There is no hidden agenda. No anything. Not at all. Nothing.

I care about inner things, what is going on there?

I love when we are on the same wavelength, in fact, I crave it.

Not that I rule out spontaneity in life, either!

Please, help me. Please, help us! I have already built you up in my head, way… way too much I shall say. I wish I knew more about you. We have already gone so far together… what can one say to that?

Take one day at the time, you have what it takes, I am with you all the way.

I know you like your evenings, when the house is quiet and peaceful and there is zero or close to nothing of an interruption. And your mind can wander freely…

I am telling you anyway… I am purposely too sensitive to you.
Immerse your soul in love. Immerse your soul in mine. Bring tears to my eyes. Literally. We are sick for each other, in a good way!

You may have it a bit wrong, but your heart is in the right place. I am here, for you, no waverings there.

We can rely on each other. We are mirrors to one another. Let me take care of you. Let me look after you. I will let you take care of me and look after me.
We can tease each other. So let’s do something about this!

Would you make me happy again? I chose you! Words can be very powerful and taken very seriously. And those very same words cannot be taken back.

Something is happening, this is IT. I want you and I want you to want me. I need you to need me. In every way possible and even impossible, too.

It is almost like when you are making love with the one you care about and you are looking straight in their eyes and you somehow see and find yourself in them, in there, the Soul. That is what I feel when I am with you. I am here for you.

Theoretically speaking and practically doing, this is it!

I wish for you to care as much as I care about you, at least once in your life. It is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, yet a very damaging one if not reciprocating.

So much so, let’s fall back in love with ourselves first and foremost.
Never ever alone again. And always together.
Together happy with you. Stay willing and open. Please.

If only I was given one more chance, perhaps the right time has not come yet for us…
Happiness is… We are in sync. You are a total inspiration to me.

I want to feel safe again with you and for you to feel comfortable enough being yourself around me and with me and so you can begin creating and making and producing music again and all over again.

Perhaps if you let go of things for a while, perhaps when we leave them out in the open and let them float effortlesly, go with the wave and flow of things, perhaps only then we can expect something real is bound to happen… Maybe, or just maybe.

It will both do us good. Epic and charming journey. Let’s make the best of it.

The more scary it seems and it sounds, the more we should go for it. And yet…

I want you to trust me, trust me as much as if I was going to put a blindfold around your head and tell you the way, while you drive. And you trust me because you know we will stay alive, no matter what.

So apparently, this comes to mind.

If you asked me out and over, would you be surprised if I answered yes!?
Every single one of us is scared, in one way or the other.

You have introduced me to the powerful, and very good music. I could never go back to the way I was before that; it is impossible, to say the least. My door is open to you.
I believe there is someone who you just can’t and won’t let go of, of your mind, body, soul, heart.

Would you marry, make love to and cook with yourself, just yourself and by yourself?

Triggers passion that carries on creativity. I can see beyond the things you do and say.

If this is what you really, really want?? Is this what would make you terribly happy?

Keep on, don’t you ever let go!

It is the dynamic tension between our personalities and preferences that actually make this electric.

Out of respect, giving up – it burns my skin.

We are in a balance, I have noticed that… when I am over something… you do and say something that brings it back to the balance. And I like that combination.

And (I am sorry) if you are scared of me being too up front and maybe full on…

I am a passionist.

I know there is more deep down. I can feel it! I wish I could show you.

Open your world to me once and for all… I promise it is going to be beautiful… that would make me real happy.

When you are ready, let me know… I know you will!

Real, honest, authentic.. we will both benefit!

How am I supposed to feel? What am I supposed to do and say?

I have a question to ask you. Same effect on me/you!

What or who am I to you?

How do you see me?

I want you in my life! Future is wide open!

Trusting each other truly and deeply.

There is no place I would rather be!


There’s this connection.

The real me.

Find understanding in me.

I am not perfect, I am scared and shaking.

Maybe you might not be in a state right now that these words would help you somehow, or maybe you are!

One person you can totally open up to.

I have always loved you, I still do and I will do so.

… and that somebody is me!

And so it is… as it is!

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0 Heart it! Lucie Uhlarova 3
0 Heart it! 3

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