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Manifesting Around The Full Moon – Creating Your Sacred Triangle

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July 28, 2018
Katie Pelkey
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The full moon marks a time of change, transition and an opportunity to set in motion our heartfelt desires. Below is a manifestation ritual I use to set the intention of my next phase of life . It allows me to get clear, envision and direct my future. I then let it go, so Spirit can take on it’s creative rights (as it usually does a better job of the outcome.)

The full moon invites us to know our inner wisdom and to own our power and purpose. We are here for a reason. In the last few months it may have gotten clear that what was in the way has been impossible to unsee. We know what needs to change to set these transitions in motion. We can then hand the reins over to Spirit and she will take it from there.

Resistance is not the way. The only way to what we truly want is through listening to our Higher Self and to allow ourselves the clarity to take our life back and set the course towards our purpose.

Find flow and passion in this ritual and then trust. The feminine powers are working in our favor and we will be greatly supported.

“The earth spins, the sun rises, the moon pulls the tides. Even amongst such miracles we refuse to believe our deepest desires, our dreams of such greatness, can come to be. Yet if we let the heart lead it’ll show us such miracles beyond the mind’s comprehension” (from the Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild)

When we desire something, whether it be success, happiness, a passionate and loving relationship, a thriving career, a vibrant and strong body and all the rest, it is indeed possible and able to come into fruition if we can allow ourselves to receive. We must be willing to get out of our own way and trust in the forces much greater than our own. We are never doing this alone.

I tend to get lost in this. When a desire is heightened in me, so does my tendency to take control. Recently I realized that I had fallen into my spiral of fear, the one where the voices go “if I don’t do this and this and this it won’t get done. If I leave this person I’ll be alone forever. I can’t trust myself, I can’t trust life, let me just keep it all the same…. let me just get by…”

Everything felt overwhelming and as a result I felt scattered and exhausted. I know to even try and take action from this place is futile. What became priority was my state of mind and my heart. It was time to clear my head, reclaim my heart, take multiple deep breaths and come back into connection with the Divine.

I went into my meditation and asked my Higher Self, the divine being within me, what I needed to know. In an instant I got my answer, felt the comfort of my inner home, and the sweet guidance of forces higher than my ego. I realized what a long time it has been since I checked in. This feeling of comfort, grace and broader perspective brought me instant relief. I had gotten completely tangled in fear, ego and control and as result had been disconnected from my greatest source of power. We sometimes forget for the sweetness of remembering.

I remembered the importance of surrender. I remembered that I am a Co-creator with the Universe and that I am never doing this alone. In an instant all I had to do was tap into my heart, take a few deep breaths and give it up to the Universe. I came into non-resistance. I let the heart lead and left the fear of the mind behind. I trusted in the power of the Universe. I walked deep into the unknown, where Spirit can be heard and wonders are to be found.

In the following days, I dove back into my mantra and prayer rituals, oracle cards and manifestation tools, committing back into my sacred relationship with the Divine. I took action on those little nudges I had been getting, I left the forces that had been dragging me down and I reclaimed my life. I know you have felt the planets calling you to more, are you ready to act? If so, start below.

A Ritual for Manifestation (Sacred Triangle):

Creating a sacred triangle is a ritual that allows us to release all we desire unto the Universe in true trust that it will be carried out in perfect time, for the highest good.

You’ll need: a piece of paper, pen and a candle.

Draw your triangle.

On each side of the triangle write the following:

Love (on the left)

Courage (on the right)

Spirit (on the bottom)

*you can use any other words that speak most, especially when they combine together – each power joins with the next.

Breathe into your heart, place your hand on your chest and hum. As you hum, feel your eyes and your consciousness dropping down into the center of your chest, deep inside the heart. Continue to hum as you feel your heart recalling past memories or hurts that need to be cleansed. Hum and visualize a white light dissolving these energies keeping you stuck. Feel yourself being released of fear. Hum, breathe and heal until you feel a lightness. And then ask yourself:

What is it that I truly desire, what does my heart wish to bring forth into my life?

Visualize and feel the life that is waiting for you and the callings that your heart holds and then write them down.

In the middle of the triangle write out your desires, that which you wish to give up to the Universe, in complete trust that it will be carried out in perfect time for the highest good.

Leave the triangle on your alter and add to it for the week, as more desires or clarity come to you.

In a week, burn it. Release it to the forces beyond you.

The topic or request that we ask for can only be done once. The Universe hears us and it will come to fruition in a way that is for the highest good and aligned with our life path and purpose. Trust.

Keep a gratitude journal and record the synchronicities, chance meetings and incoming abundance. Take note of the desires coming to fruition.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations and allows for more to come.

Click here for a video with the ritual for further learning

I would love to hear how this ritual was for you or if you have any questions. Feel free to connect with me on FB or IG.

Many blessings,





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0 Heart it! Katie Pelkey 53
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