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November 5, 2018
Brian Westbye
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<blockquote class=”imgur-embed-pub” lang=”en” data-id=”LPvj0vQ”><a href=”//”>Carolina's field as of Friday morning</a></blockquote><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>


I love the NFL.


And I love my country.


I love the NFL despite so many look-the-other-way failures on <a href=>CTE</a> and <a href=””>domestic violence</a>. I should abandon the game on principle based on these two issues alone.


But I have watched NFL football on every Sunday (and beyond) of my life, and I can’t bring myself to quit it…


I love my country, warts and all, ESPECIALLY because I am granted the right to voice grievances about those warts. Even when it comes to the NFL.


I first noticed the trend early yesterday (11/04/18) during Steelers at Ravens (Pittsburgh Quarterback Ben Roethlesberger, himself no stranger to <a href=””>untoward accusations</a> vs. Baltimore, where the brilliant linebacker and possible <a href=””>accessory to murder</a> Ray Lewis played – great story lines for TMZ). All sideline coaches seemed to be wearing ridiculous pseudo-military garb, and many players conveniently had military insignia on the back of their helmets. Hmm….


Fast-forward to Rams at Saints. New Orleans normally wears enough benevolence on its sleeves (the team wears a patch honoring the late team owner <a href””>Tom Benson</a>, while Quarterback Drew Brees proudly and deservedly wears his own <a href=””>Walter Payton Man of the Year Award</a> patch), but every sideline coach of both teams was again ensconced in this pseudo-military panoply.


That was when I remembered <a href=””>this</a> expose.


The Pentagon has paid millions of our tax dollars for pro-military displays to be sewn whole-cloth into our NFL (and etc.) games.


This is egregious advertising on our dime. The fact that this occurred two days before the election is, I suspect, not coincidental.


The subtle message: if you support the NFL, you support the troops (never mind that many NFL coaches/players never served) and if you support the troops you support the policy (never mind the <a href=””>bone spur deferments</a> from on high).


As I have <a href=””>stated</a>, I think “Support The Troops” is one of the most banal, empty-headed slogans ever drudged up. I resent having my tax dollars spent promoting policies that I might not agree with, and then having my patriotism questioned as a result of questioning said policies.


Welcome to the New NFL. Nothing but pay-to-play “Patriotism” and a blind-eye toward real-world issues.


I really should protest. I really should walk away. In protest. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have cable for tonight’s Tennessee/Dallas showdown (never mind that I hate Dallas…and 3-4 team vs. 3-4 team…..and……)


In 2015, at age 42, Brian Westbye returned to the University of Maine at Augusta, after 20 years, to complete his Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Music: Sonic Arts (i.e. audio recording and filmmaking). A failed corporate drone, he is feverishly recording a solo record at home, creating films from scratch, penning op-ed, memoir, fiction and poetry, and working on his first book, a memoir ode to The Great American Road Trip and the great American midlife crisis. World domination will follow.

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0 Heart it! Brian Westbye 3
0 Heart it! 3

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