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Reasons Why Oil Cleansing Method does not work for Everyone.

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June 25, 2018
Reema Arora
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Ever since the Oil cleansing method got popular, a lot of people have tried it, but the results were different for each. While some ladies felt their skin got better after the method, some found that it got much worse than what they started with. People rave about how this method has worked out for them, while others complain about why it should not be tried. How can we tell the authenticity of this method and if you should try it too?

What is Oil Cleansing Method

First let’s start with what exactly is “ Oil Cleansing Method ” If you haven’t tried it yet, and you are unaware of this method, then here goes. It is a technique in which you use a variety of oils to cleanse your face :

Start by wetting your face with clean hands, and then pour a couple of drops from oil of choice into your hands, and then apply all over to your face. Then Place a washcloth, that was previously run under hot water, right on top of your face. Leave this on for a while until the steam is absorbed and clean away any excess oil afterward.

The Best Oils for The Oil Cleansing Method :

Argan Oil – Suitable for normal skin type

Jojoba Oil- Best suited for acne-prone skin

Almond Oil-Suitable for Normal to Oily skin

Avocado oil- Suitable for Dry and Aged skin

Apricot, Sunflower seed, Grape Seed Oil-Normal skin

Avoid using Olive oil that is heavy consistency, coconut oil or cocoa butter for the process as it can potentially clog your pores and there is a high chance of breaking out.

Reasons Why the OCM is not Working :

Keeping this in mind, to the question of why The oil cleansing method may not have worked for some people, the answer is very simple. But the top reasons being: It does not work for everyone, as everyone’s skin is different and hence it reacts to treatments, differently. Still not convinced? Keep reading to understand why the OCM does not work for everyone.

Using The Wrong Oil :

All oils are created differently, and while certain oils may suit some skin types, some don’t suit all. When the oil cleansing method started to get popular with people, most beauty experts suggested using coconut oil. But coconut oil is highly comedogenic, which means it is pore clogging. Hence as an acne sufferer, this oil should be avoided at all costs. Some people can get severe breakouts using coconut oil due to its comedogenic nature.

Not Doing it Properly :

If you don’t do it right, you may not get the best results, or it can even appear to worsen your skin. You need to make sure that your face is slightly damp while using a few drops of the oil. Using too much of the oil can make your skin feel greasy or even aggravate it. Massage it into your skin with gentle strokes. Rinse it thoroughly after so that your face is not left feeling oily post the process. Using a damp face cloth to wipe your face works more effectively while removing it. And make sure that the cloth is regularly washed after each usage.

Highly Sensitive skin :

What another common reason to why the Oil cleanses might not work for some people is maybe because their skin may not be able to handle it. A person with an extremely irritable skin may react to the oil. Testing a small amount before going all about is the best way to check if it suits you or not. Some oils like jojoba oil are used for sensitive skin as it acts like the skin’s sebum. While the process is not a harsh one, it can be harsh for certain skin types. Jojoba Oil works well to gently cleanse your skin.

It Takes Time for results :

Maybe the first few tries have not given you any results, but the oil cleanse method requires time to make a difference in your skin. Our skin is constantly repairing itself and reacting to the environment so that any new change may show up later. So even if the Oil cleanses has caused breakouts on your skin, it could be because your skin is just getting used to it. So patiently wait, and follow all the right techniques and you will see results in the long run.

The Environment is not right :

Don’t blame the reaction or the breakouts on the oil cleanse. It could also be due to an external factor like the weather. The humidity reacting with the excess oil could cause clogged pores. Hence avoid the oil cleanse in extremely hot and humid weather conditions. If you do it, you can pick a milder oil for the process, or even use it in small quantities so that your skin is not left feeling greasy. Finally, don’t forget to wash and clean your face with a fresh cloth every time.

So these are some reasons why the Oil cleansing method is not working for you. If you are doing it right and still not seeing results, It could mean that it may not be for you, which is completely okay! If the OCM works for you, then well and good, but if it doesn’t work for whatever reason, there’s no need to panic. Stick to the skin care regime that is comfortable for your skin, and don’t stress your skin out. Oil cleansing is just one among many skin care practices that can give you the glow if your skin loves it!

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