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Rock The Vote.

8 Heart it! Leah Gartner 101
November 6, 2018
Leah Gartner
8 Heart it! 101

Everyone is doing it.


And as I drive to the polls this morning, I wonder why should I? What good will it possibly do?


A post-Nixon-era-child-of the seventies, mistrust of the system resides in my cells. I’ve always known the government was lying. I used to proudly consider myself a liberal. These days I have trouble finding a voice that’s mine.  I am neither right nor left, and have spent the last two years feeling left behind.


In a country that is so divided, I live in the invisible middle.


I won’t easily step on your bandwagons, and you may never see me take to the streets. But I have a voice and a vote. I will not bury my head in the sand, look away, leave it to others or give up.


Because while I do not subscribe to either side fully, I do believe in love.


A stubborn love of democracy, truth, justice, free speech, process and hope. Love of a country where we can disagree agreeably, and scream it from the rooftops, or dance it out in our living rooms.


And what is the opposite of love?


“The opposite of love’s indifference” ~ Jeremy Fraites and Wesley Shultz


You see, right along side that knowing that people will lie, steal and cheat for power in the name of all kinds of good, is a belief in happy endings. I love a fairy tale, an underdog, a badass. And I hold the possibility that America is all that.


Turn this one up loud, and get your ass to the polls.


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8 Heart it! Leah Gartner 101
8 Heart it! 101

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