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School Teacher Thoughts After a School Shooting.

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February 16, 2018
G Sweez
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I tried to stay quiet
I didn’t want to write
But it’s too much to ignore
And too big to keep inside

Yesterday I went to work
Tried to inspire young minds
Dealt with teenage drama
Graded essays until my brain was fried

Went home tired and weary
Waiting for the weekend
Not knowing that near me
Another kind of end began

I thought I was okay
Until I looked into their faces
I thought I knew what to say
Until their eyes begged me

They want answers
But what is there to say?
Tell them it won’t happen here
Tell them we will keep them safe

But maybe it will
Maybe we just can’t
Maybe the maybes will turn into now
Maybe what if becomes how

How did this happen again
Haven’t we been here before
Isn’t there anything we can do
Don’t we deserve something more

What am I supposed to tell them
What am I supposed to do
When they sit in class in fear
While we fight over who to blame

The cycle will continue
Until we decide there is something we can do
And then we do it

So tomorrow I will go to work
I will think of yesterday
But the sadness will disperse too soon
The bell will ring and the same old schedule will resume

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1 Heart it! G Sweez 68
1 Heart it! 68

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