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Seal narrowly escapes killer whale.

2 Heart it! Waylon Lewis 565
May 12, 2018
Waylon Lewis
2 Heart it! 565

Really cool video.

Via Reddit: I came to the comments hoping someone would link to the whole video, but it doesn’t look like anyone has, so I’ll do it.


Full Video

The little guy comes and goes, getting back on their boat several times. And it’s not just one orca, but a pod of them that are sort of just hanging around, waiting for their chance.

Damn, the video is way scarier when you see the whale just under the surface at :30

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2 Heart it! Waylon Lewis 565
2 Heart it! 565

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Mary Celia May 13, 2018 8:57pm

Amazing thanks for sharing.
The seals expression is unforgettable.

I was swimming recently with a whale shark by the coast in Dubai at sunset, did not notice until I turned around!

Would love to see the Orcas

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