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Self realizing through journaling.

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September 29, 2018
Valentina Esteban
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I sat there writing and all of a sudden I felt this huge sense of overwhelm. ✨

The realization that she was talking to me, and I was talking to her… my higher self. ?

There is depth, this stillness… this clarity I find when it’s just me and a blank piece of paper, or blank screen. 

99% of the time words just flow out of me, and it took getting to this place of awareness to understand what that is. ??

My inner self communicating with me.

Guiding me, telling me exactly what I needed to hear.

So these words, they are just as much for me as they are for you. ?


Writing and journaling has allowed me to communicate with that part of me who I have chosen to surrender it all to.

The voice within me who knows exactly what I am here for.

And I have never been able to hear it so clearly. ??

I personally believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience; this means that our purpose here is beyond this human life. ✨

We come, we do, we change, we evolve.

We adopt new thoughts, new masks, new conditions. ??‍♀️

But one thing never changes… the awareness that observes as this all unfolds. 

And that awareness is the one who chose to come here to experience it all with a much higher purpose to accomplish by the time it is all said and done. ?


It speaks through our heart, through our gut feeling. ?

Through the experiences we have, the people we meet. ?

The thoughts that make us feel inspired, motivated, uplifted. ?

Through journaling/writing I have been able to develop such a beautiful relationship with her…

I’m able to clear my thoughts so she can shine. 

So she can hold me by the hand and lead me towards living my best life. ?

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0 Heart it! Valentina Esteban 10
0 Heart it! 10

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