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Seth Meyers stars in The Newspaper Movie to end all Newspaper Movies.

10 Heart it! Molly Murphy 322
March 7, 2018
Molly Murphy
10 Heart it! 322

The Oscars are over but I’m still laughing about this Seth Meyers parody of every single major newspaper movie—ever.

This clip has it all: 70s style hair, a decent impression of Robert Redford, a dodgy briefcase exchange, and even a newsroom pep talk.

Inside the Elephant Academy, one of our focus areas of study is journalism ethics. When I first read those words in the course syllabus I remember having a moment of internal panic.



What do I have to say about that? 

I almost convinced myself that I had very little to bring to the conversation when it came to the ethics of journalism—until I woke up, that is. As it turns out, I’ve come to see that these questions we ponder in our study of journalism ethics are all around us, especially now. And it is so often in the media with clips like this or a thought-provoking movie that we are forced to face those questions head-on. To wake up.

I do have to admit, the assigned Academy homework of a few movie nights wasn’t such a bad way to ease me in slowly either! And so, that’s why I laughed (and I’m still laughing) when I view this clip.

There may have been tears.

There was definitely appreciation.

And there was a nod to a former version of myself that would have found this incredibly validating, but maybe a little less funny. {Cue to the scene describing the Fourth Estate, please.}


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10 Heart it! Molly Murphy 322
10 Heart it! 322

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Nancy Hodges Mar 6, 2018 11:04pm

“I thought the Fourth Estate was Georgia.”

Sumer Thomas Mar 13, 2018 3:23pm

haha, thanks Molly:D “What the HELL are you two cookin’ up? Is it in the folder? What’s in that folder??!!!”

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