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Take a Good Posture and Give it Away. Mindful Life with Elephant Academy.

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September 6, 2018
Heidi McArdle
2 Heart it! 44

We can’t see our future selves.


If we could, we would see an organic continuum.

Not knowing probably makes us more creative and able to risk.


I have worked with Elephant Academy for a couple months on journalism ethics and writing.


The ending of the program is not a thing to be folded and closed up into a drawer.

It’s a moment to get the feel of the tools we worked with by practice and experiment, moving along our life continuum with creative risk.


A good yoga instructor will often say “It’s what happens off the mat that matters”. I have heard this put as “Your practice doesn’t stop when you walk out this door.”


Likewise, the posture of diligence or service we build in one season of our life walks with us into the next career move or relationship.


My intention to be genuine and ethical will have impact. I get to have the fun of reflecting and feeling in this moment how to go forward.


Thanks, Waylon and all the editors. I don’t have to know where all the tendrils of purpose lead. Shared opportunity and knowledge with fellow writers is part of my story.


If you would like to experiment with fusing passion and compassion, think about joining Elephant Academy. If you believe you have experiences and insight which might be transformed into benefit for yourself and others, consider it.


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2 Heart it! Heidi McArdle 44
2 Heart it! 44

Jeremy Snowden Sep 6, 2018 8:17am

Great reminder for me. I was Spring 2017, it was such a rich experience. Thanks for sharing Heidi. J

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