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The Art of Listening

2 Heart it! Bri Cheema 424
June 19, 2018
Bri Cheema
2 Heart it! 424

The concept of listening to our bodies is seemingly foreign – constantly looking outwards for reassurance, for guidelines, for protocols. Is it that we are born to trust in others over ourselves? Or is it that our ability to listen is stunted? What would happen, what doors would be opened, what prisons would you be freed from if you learned that the body is constantly communicating with you, constantly fighting for you, constantly working to keep you safe, to keep you vital, alive.

Since I was 13 years old, I battled myself – body dysmorphia, eating too little, eating too much, over training. Constantly searching outside of myself for the way that was going to make my body skinny, to make my body desirable, to allow me to accept myself fully. In this constant search for the answer, I gained deep insight –this insight lead me to a space of recognizing that the answers weren’t outside myself, that the answers had been with me all along, deep inside my body.

As my journey inward was progressing, I was beginning to see the pattern of searching outward not only in my eating disorder but also as an undercurrent of much disconnection in my life. Relationships, jobs, schools, nearly everything in my life was for the wrong reasons – to be accepted, to be liked, to be like the crowd – I was living through the borrowed mind, through the opinions of others and completely ignored that my body was saying no.

As I reflected on this harsh reality that I have never trusted in my own nature, I saw that the entire time I was seeking everywhere for validation on what to do, there was always this deep knowing – this knowing that could not be explained, this knowing that was resting within. I began to slowly listen, I began to slowly follow this knowing, I began to watch where in my body answers were manifesting, I began to feel. As I carried on my voyage from the head to the heart my old, fragile world quickly shattered leaving me questioning how I could be so against the most beautiful gift of this life – the body.

A message..

“We must start with the physical, the body; we must clear the pathways to allow vitality to flow. Once the body is clear, once the body is supported, one not need to worry – it goes on working without your efforts. Only up until this point of clarity is attained are we able to access the deepest layers of our minds, the deepest layers of ourselves. In order to transform, in order to access higher realms, we must start with the lowest, the beginning.

So love the body, embrace it, trust it with every inch of your being. Give it everything it needs to thrive, to be strong, to be the very deity of your soul and watch.. You will see it has been waiting for you – waiting to carry you on your journey inwards, waiting to carry you to the place where only love and silence resides, to the place in which you have been yearning for – it has been waiting to carry you home.”


Watch, listen and let it guide you.

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2 Heart it! Bri Cheema 424
2 Heart it! 424

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