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The Stimulus for Foreign Terrorist Attacks on the USA.

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August 29, 2018
Ian Faulkner
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The Stimulus for Foreign Terrorist Attacks on the USA

General Eisenhower warned about the dangers of the “Military Industrial Complex” (M.I.C.) in 1961. Below is an excellent article summarizing the massive suffering caused by the M.I.C. during the last 60 years. Over 30 Wars were waged in 37 differnent countries to support the M.I.C. but “politically correct” motivations were always given.

When the 9/11 attack occurred the average USA citizen was led to believe these were unprovoked attacks. The USA however was “tinkering” politically in the affairs of 37 other countries to support the M.I.C. for more than a half century. This was bound to come back to haunt the USA eventually.

It was such a shock to see 9/11 in real time on TV. We were so saddened up here in Canada. I did not grasp the reasons for this attack fully at the time. It was not until I read this USA online magazine report from 3 years ago that I really understood the magnitude of all the Military Industrial Complex triggered wars. If General Eisenhowers words were listened to 9/11 might never have even happened!   


US Has Killed More than 20 Million in 37 Nations Since WWII

Sources for the Article:
“Vietnam Veterans Against the War” (VVAW) and other peace promoting Veterans from WW2, Korea, and the multitude of other M.I.C. triggered wars eventually formed the group “Veterans for Peace” or V.F.P.  which promoted peace and studied USA military actions worldwide. They documented and published detailed information about all the USA wars from WW2 onwards shown in the article below.

You have to give the USA credit for allowing enough freedom of speech that this amazing group of ex-military scholars was allowed to thrive. These noble, peace loving, USA citizens are documented here:

The “Veterans For Peace” probably supplied most of the information for the USA magazine article below.

Wars and the M.I.C.
The report is shocking and may help USA citizens to understand their government and steer it in a more peaceful direction. Its time for a change!  Many historians have the deepest respect for President Dwight D. Eisenhower who warned U.S. citizens about the “military–industrial complex” in his farewell address in 1961.

Citizens in all countries hope for a major shift towards peace worldwide. Its time for the USA to honour Eisenhower’s advice. Its time to abolish the Military-Industrial Complex.


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Ian Faulkner of Vancouver Island is known as a “crazy eccentric inventor” by his friends and neighbors because he does not own a car, has supported his family for 40 years by inventing electronic products, and has dozens of unusual hobbies. He is a Sufi, Buddhist, Christian, and Taoist spiritual explorer using meditation, psychedelics, bodywork, and ecstatic dance. Ian’s professional skills include electronic engineering, Trager massage, intimacy education, web journalism, and scientific research for product development. He has many hobbies including beekeeping, alternative medicine, photography, rock collecting, astronomy, mushroom study, jewelry making, dancing, yoga, and meditation. He is active on Facebook and maintains many web sites which are showcased on the landing page here: ( )


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