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To Be Alone.

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July 17, 2018
Darcy Stewart
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To be alone.

Three words. Those three words echo against the walls in an empty space.

The shade in the space is dark, but almost in a calming way. It feels cool in this space.

There are slivers of light that peak into the space occasionally. With these slivers of light, it is possible to see shadows on the walls.

Sometimes the shadows dance, like friends, like hope, and in a playful manner. Sometimes the shadows are still and jagged, and deliver a different feeling altogether, making the space cooler, almost cold.

And in the midst of this space there is someone. A “she.”

Sometimes, she dances with the shadows. Sometimes, she finds the shades of color in the streams of light, and becomes very familiar with the possibilities they bring into the room.

Other times, she sits in the space and closes her eyes to feel the coolness around her, letting it just rest upon her skin.

And then there are the times where all she can see and all she knows are the jagged shadows. She doesn’t want them to be present, but it doesn’t matter what she wants, for they are there. One wall, two walls, three walls… jagged shadows closing in.

Then, a moment. A new sense. A sound.

The sound is steady. The sound is deep. The sound is sure.

With this, she looks at the shadows and sees in them new shapes. Not just jagged edges – they are connected to larger and layered shapes and sizes. They are dark in color, but there is a spectrum of depth to their darkness. She sees the way in which they move into to the space, rapid and smooth. She becomes familiar with their rhythm as part of the whole.

To be alone.

These three words echo in an empty space.

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1 Heart it! Darcy Stewart 43
1 Heart it! 43

mannyaflores Jul 26, 2018 11:27pm

Beautifully written

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