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Walk the talk – a self-healing journey through yoga.

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June 29, 2018
Smadar Ron
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There were years I wasn’t paying attention, then one day, three of my spinal discs collapsed for no physical reason. I lived with pain for years, accepted it as part of my life.

Then came yoga.

Of all the things I learned, yoga reminded me to sense & listen, to re-connect, and trust, mostly myself, and as a result, the pain had stopped.

This journey is about maturity, self-acceptance and I was rewarded with self-healing.

It wasn’t easy, it was hard sometimes, but I’m happy I went all the way through, as it brought back a lot of beauty to my life.

Our mind can manifest diseases or healing, it’s for us to choose.

Make the right choice for you and don’t give up on your self, listen to your heartbeats and stretch your spine.

This is my journey, hope you’ll enjoy!

Listen to my heartbeats (video)

Full story (visual art)

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0 Heart it! Smadar Ron 370
0 Heart it! 370

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