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Winning The Devil’s Game.

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October 24, 2018
4 Heart it! 99

The devil smiled at me. “Are you ready to play!” he asked?

I could see the danger behind his eyes.

I did not want to play.

“Use this,” he suggested with a shrug, as he tossed Fear at my feet.

I turned from him and ran, snatching up and wrapping the Fear around me like a blanket.

The devil grew larger, smiling viciously.

He laughed as he gave chase, howling and whipping around me like the wild winds of a tornado.

I shielded my face and dropped to my knees.

I tried to pretend he was not there.

Pouring my strength into Fear, I drew it closer as His darkness whirled around me.

With every advance the Devil suckled at Fear with wispy tentacles of darkness, unnoticed by my down-turned eyes.

My strength waned as Fear continued to draw upon it.

Exhausted, I bowed my head and accepted my loss.

I released my trembling grasp on Fear.

It tfell at my feet, destroying the illusion of safety it had provided.

“Here!” I cried in defeat, arms outstretched, head bowed. “ You win!! Do as you will!”

The tempest calmed and the Devil began to shrink, no longer able to draw upon the nourishment Fear provided him.

I faced him.

Defeated, humbled, vulnerable, lacking Fear, I looked to him.

He stood before me, a smirk in his eyes and a snarl on his face.

Without thought or word, I suddenly embraced him.

With acceptance and unconditional love, I held him tightly.

And the Devil shuddered…

And sighed…..

In relief?

Dismayed, I continued to cling to him, feeling the transformative process of his darkness slowly being consumed by my I Am.

It was over.

The devil smiled at me. “Are you ready to play?” he asked.

I could see the light in his eyes.

I clasped his hand.

I wanted to play.

And I was finally ready to break chains and shatter paradigms.

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4 Heart it! LISS 99
4 Heart it! 99

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