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You May Think I am a Dreamer: A Daughter’s Poem.

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July 22, 2018
Eva De Vor
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Oh, how I wish we would see this world as a place

where hostility no longer flourishes

in fields where we planted

only flowers and trees to grow.

Let’s water the roots and roses

to bloom in understanding, not in judgement.

Cherish its thorns, welcome them,

but stop preventing the roses from blooming.

Don’t spill water on soil which is only meant to harvest

fear and separation.

You may think I’m a dreamer and perhaps it’s true.

Seeing a threatening world at every corner is as pouring poison into our souls.

Please know, I’m not turning a blind eye to your concerns of today’s world,

but I try to choose my thoughts carefully,

just to keep my sanity.

I believe in a world of colors and opportunities,

a world where matters color grey, not black and white

where people could be as flowers being watered with trust.

I want to believe in humanity

In open circles

In goodness of heart

As it’s there too.

It lives

It grows

And we don’t have to go far to look for it.

Just like you raised me in Faith, Hope and Love

we know fearing the future world isn’t the cure, but they are.

You see, our answers are right here.

They are right here.

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0 Heart it! Eva De Vor 78
0 Heart it! 78

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