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You really do matter

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October 16, 2018
Julie Freeman
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October is Mental Health Month…

But for me, it’s every day.

We each wrangle fears, pain, suffering, sadness, stress, mental, and physical games, and our own demons…

It’s what makes us human.

Though that makes it no less painful, it’s given me hope at the times I’ve surprised myself with how far ‘down in the dumps’ I can go… where the lights are turned off.

I’m lucky that I’ve always had an inkling, that even there, there’s a way to make light or fire, even when I’ve lost the energy to create a solution. Maybe you’ve been there or ARE there now and I send my love to you.

There’s so much worth fighting for and I am grateful for every time I’ve been pulled out of that place…

Though I could never have done so alone.

When in that place, there’s nothing quite like an unwavering anchor – a support person, an organisation, nature, a counsellor, a reason to live, something to love, whatever it is – and each time I’ve gone to that place, I’m grateful for the anchor that’s helped me to regain my strength.

And I know I’m not unique in this.

Each day, many of us fight for the light within.

It’s not just for the empaths and feelers like myself, but every one of us in different ways.

At our most vulnerable, there’s a special few who step up and their kindness changes the world. Thanks to how they live, they inspire me. They’ve helped me and taught me so much through their care. If it’s you, thank you.

One of the special few is my husband.

In my darkest moments – or even just nervous nelly dizziness – he steps up, knows what to say to calm me, understands my psychology better than I do, and CARES deeply. It makes a difference and I am so grateful for him.

He’s helped me get through and wade through the mess…

He’s a bit of a legend.

On the flipside, I’ve learnt endless wisdom thanks to the journey with his own mental health and depression that he shares in his first book.

It means a lot to read those words on those pages…

Because every one of us is attached to someone who may be experiencing their own stress, anxiety or depression…

It is really painful to see the one you love in excruciating pain.

And I am grateful to those of us who give it a voice.

I want to say it’s taken guts to share what he has – and though I’m deeply proud of it, I don’t want you to ever feel as though you have to be courageous or brave to speak up or seek help if you are feeling vulnerable or don’t know where to look. You may feel like all hope is lost… that there’s no courageous or gutsy bone in your body.

And in that case, I hope simply to shine a new light…

Perhaps on what IS beautiful in this world.

Or what is beautiful in YOU…

I see how many of us fight in the silence…

And that’s why I write this.

If you are in the shadows, please know you matter.

It sounds vague, meaningless even, but listen, or I will.

You really do, matter.

You might be weird and wonderful in ways others don’t seem to understand but that’s okay.

You’re not alone.

We live in a truly weird and whacky place. While human psychology and life endlessly inspires, fascinates and causes deep child-like wonder and awe in me, it also baffles and devastates me. There’s plenty of things out of balance in this world, but that’s why we need sensitive and caring souls who want things to be better, who know, who have the creative minds to contribute and inspire this place.

I am grateful for all the people who’ve ever pushed through their own demons to show us all what is possible.

The world would be far poorer had we always listened to the poison parrots on our shoulders.

I hope you’ll hear me when I say, let’s ride this together.

I am here to fight with you.

Being alive, as cliche as it may sound, is a wonder.

I hope to share that with you much longer.

None of us are immune to fear or darkness.

I wrangle my beast and settle it often, by living my life the way I do – hiking, weight training, writing, et cetera – and I am grateful for the angels who – by stepping into their power – walk this earth and remind me just how beautiful life is, in all its dichotomies, especially when I lose my way.

If it helps…


I have two ears to listen,
And two eyes to see,
That your life matters, and
You’ve got plenty reason to be.

Keep trying to light the fire in the darkness…
Share with someone who’s lost their power…

Reach out.

Together, we power up.

Stay with you, stay with me.


Julie Freeman is a multi-passionate pocket rocket with a big heart based in Australia. Julie is passionate about opening sacred space for women and men to dive deeper into their fitness journeys. Having been through the mill with her own fitness transformation and healing, she’s grateful for the changes she’s made by approaching fitness holistically. When she’s not in the gym, you might find her writing, painting, hiking, or volunteer firefighting! Read more about Julie on her website.

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1 Heart it! Julie Freeman 17
1 Heart it! 17

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