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Your Laugh is My Favorite Sound

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August 10, 2018
Darcy Stewart
1 Heart it! 984

Your laugh.

I don’t usually have such reactions to sounds as I do to this one. I do enjoy the sound of water, and I love summer concerts. But these sounds do not usually carry the same amount and variety of feeling to my heart as does your laugh. That’s why your laugh is my favorite sound.


You have a few types of laughs, and I love to hear each of them, as you express your mood, your joy, your experience in that moment.


You have a laugh that fills the space of the room with a happy, jolly feeling, and which sparks a joy in others.


You have laugh – or, a high pitched giggle – that makes me smile because it is yours, unique, and your signature when you are truly amused. Sometimes, followed by a snort! And that makes me laugh.


One of your laughs is reserved for me, when you think I’m being silly, when I tell a joke or a story that isn’t actually that funny, but you laugh anyway. Or, when I spill toothpaste on my shirt – okay fine, when i “drool” toothpaste all over my shirt – I hear this laugh reserved for me. It lights my heart in red glow.


Your laugh can put a smile on my face, making those barely-there-crinkle-lines by my eyes to appear. And just like that, my mood and my day are lifted, and my shoulders feel tension release.


When we are loving, your laugh is one of my favorite sounds, because it is yours, and because it is joyful. It is the color yellow.


When we are in a spat, your laugh pings my heart. I don’t feel annoyed at your laugh in this moment, because I want your happiness. I do feel a sort of, sadness, because I want to be part of your joy, and I want your laugh a part of mine.


My laugh.


I have some laughs too. I have a laugh for the jokes we share, and a casual laugh. But the laugh that I love is the laugh that I can’t stop.

The laugh that starts as a small sound, and grows like a wildfire into something that fills the room. I try to calm down, but I can’t! And you laugh at my laughing, and the wildfire keeps spreading, and I see you smile at me. This is a moment where I feel completely at peace, completely free. When we laugh together, oh, it is good.

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1 Heart it! Darcy Stewart 984
1 Heart it! 984

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