Eco Kitchen 101: Fight Clutter, Always Have the Essentials On-Hand

Via on May 29, 2008

ECO TIPS, via Mary Taylor

>> It’s easy to get suckered into the mindset that new is better. A fresh perspective is more advanced.
If you’re contemplating outfitting your kitchen with new glasses, tablecloths, utensils or a new set of dishes, consider mixing and matching what you already have with odd, fun items you find at your local thrift shop or craigslist.

>> Don’t buy with the flow. We’re constantly being told how the latest gadget will make cooking (and maybe even life itself) a breeze. Before you buy a brand-new item for the kitchen, contemplate whether you’ll really use it. Before any new purchase, flash on the landfills full of purchases that seamed like a good idea last Christmas.

>> Heard about the latest diet? It’s guaranteed to make you younger! Healthier! More Energetic! Sexy! Instead, think about what you’re eating now. Bringing a little consciousness into how you eat, noticing when you’re hungry, and how you select and cook your foods will have lasting, real results.

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