Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban to Go into Effect in 2010?

Via on Jul 31, 2008

Following San Francisco’s lead on a ban that took effect last November, I had read that L.A.’s City Council just voted to outlaw disposable bags by 2010. L.A. uses more than 2 billion disposable bags every year, of which only 5% of plastic bags are recycled and 21% of paper bags. However I also just read that the ban “unraveled” within the past week. I’m looking forward to seeing what this major U.S. city settles upon in terms of minimizing plastic bag use.

I first read about the ban in an article on The Huffington Post website and personally found the comments after the article more interesting than the article itself. While I still support the ban, the comments show that this is a much deeper debate than I had imagined. It’s good to hear other opinions and tips (hint: wrap gifts in reusable bags and give to those that need a little encouraging).

It also looks like Portland, Oregon may be the next city to enact a ban. And for a report on worldwide plastic bag bans, take a look at this BBC News article.

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2 Responses to “Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban to Go into Effect in 2010?”

  1. ID Project says:

    NYC is behind on this but the Interdependence Project is working on taking a major first step by protecting a strong City bill from being overtaken by a lame State Bill.

    Sign our petition here:


  2. […] When I first heard about Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to charge city residents six cents for every plastic bag used at the register, I thought, great, finally we’d be bringing a solution that’s worked in Europe to cut down plastic bag usage to a major U.S. city! Plastic bags let’s remember are not biodegradable and are made with petroleum. And New Yorkers sure use a lot of them, an estimated 1 billion per year. Los Angeles is even trying to ban them by 2010. […]

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