Impromptu Obama Street Party in Boulder.

Via on Nov 5, 2008

I was determined to hit the streets last night, knowing Obama would win. I was so curious what we (the people) would behave like after such a cataclysmic event. After an intimate gathering at my friend Marc’s house, about 6 of us drove to Pearl St to “find the stream.” Sure enough, folks were screaming, honking, yelling, high-fiving each other and even hugging one another. It wasn’t long before we were drumming and dancing on top of the newspaper stands outside of Old Chicago on Pearl Street.

Then we followed the crowd to Pearl and Broadway where hundreds or maybe thousands of people were converging.

The lines blurred. Last night we were all “one human family.” Total strangers hugging each other, laughing, loving.

Per the Daily Camera…

A celebration that exploded in downtown Boulder late Tuesday night remained peaceful and didn’t result in any arrests, according to the Boulder Police Department.

Hundreds of Barack Obama supporters joined in the middle of the Pearl Street Mall to celebrate his presidential win Tuesday night and they eventually. Read the rest here.

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