Brotha’, Can You Spare a Dime? Not me, but… ~Joana Smith [Holiday Gift Ideas, Cuffs, Beads]

Via on Dec 23, 2008

Want to make like Scrooge (by the end of Christmas Carol) and give back? In order to harvest your stuff for Holiday giving, first have a look around and see what you have!

Looking, you will usually find some extra stuff.

My little Abilene mixing up the pearls:

Your stuff will be as endless as your ideas for it.

And if you are working late, have a glass of red wine! You deserve it!

Remember: A friend wants you to share your time, not your money. These cuffs are for cousin Sarahemily. Absolutely bullet-proof. She lives in Washington State.

This is the pile for Obama:

When making Christmas gifts, remember: nothing you make is ever bad!

(that’s what Patrick the Crone man says, and you should listen to him! We do!)

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  1. sarah emily says:

    Hey thanks again. Those cuffs are so beautiful as I have already told you on facebook. I just think that your doing such a great job with this and I that its an awesome way to get people to think about stuff that is going on in the world.

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