Manhood & The Wilderness at Boulder Integral, Video Part 1

Via on Dec 10, 2008

Awhile back I sat down with Ross Hostetter, Director of Boulder Integral, for a juicy dialogue about how the wilderness can be used as a vehicle for personal development and transformation. As founder of The Revolutionary Man, it’s my job to help men get in touch with what matters most.

I grew up in Utah and my folks always took me outside. When they couldn’t guide me, I hopped the neighbors’ fence and set out to explore the unknown territory of their “private” property. The neighbors had dozens of acres to explore, with cactus, cows, streams, horses, birds, spiders and all kinds of other crawly creatures. Much better than school.

This year will be my 12th year leading wilderness rites-of-passage trips with men. I’ve found that the unconditioned space of the wilderness is essential for men to recover our true nature and discover our purpose in life.

Explore the first dialogue between Ross and I here, and ask yourself, “What will it take for me to get in touch with the deepest truth within myself?” and “What tools in this culture help me realize who I am and what I’m here for?” Hope you enjoy. Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section, below—

The Wilderness (1/5) from Boulder Integral on Vimeo.

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