Boulder BookStore celebrates 35 Years…and presents Sasha Watson’s “Vidalia in Paris”

Via on Feb 18, 2009


Boulder Book Store located in 1107 Pearl Street,  is celebrating 35 Years as the Community Book Store in Boulder. Today, Wednesday Feb 18th, author Sasha Watson will read from her book  “Vidalia in Paris” at 6:30 PM.

Boulder Bookstore Presents author SASHA WATSON’s


In “Vidalia in Paris” Vidalia wins a scholarship to study art abroad for the summer, and she can’t believe her good fortune. Paris is filled with suprises, including Julien, the nice bookstore clerk Vidalia should like as more than a friend, and Marco, the mysterious art dealer she can’t stay away from. But as she learns more about both of them, Vidalia has to separate reason from passion.

Thank you for supporting your locally-owned independent bookstore. By purchasing a book, you support the author and enable them to continue hosting author events. If you would lilke an autographed copy buy cannot attend, please call 303 447 2774 adn they will be happy to have a book signed for you.



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