Who needs coffee on a morning like this? elephantjournal.com on Method, Nau, Modern Green Homes’ Top 10 Green Web Site List.

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In times of transition—in ele’s case, from print to web—it means a lot to get a few high-profile shout-outs. I’ve been honored in the past months by Shambhala Sun and 5280, Huffington Post has granted me a column, and Treehugger.com, the biggest green site, has asked me to apply to be named as one of their Change Makers. As far as ego goes, to hell with it. Life is too short to build oneself up on a pile of rickety stilts. But in terms of community support, I need it—because the only thing keeping elephantjournal.com from widespread editorial success—ie reader popularity and advertising support—is a lack of faith that we’re gonna make this transition.

So I’m personally grateful for three high-profile shout outs this morning (who needs coffee?). If you’re a fan of elephantjournal.com, remember you read for free—and the best way to help us out is to keep on doing just that. Read. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter. Make us your home page. Click on pages and videos—and ads, who pay for us to exist. And, leave comments on the below sites and others when they support us. Your comments will let them know we have an avid, caring community that appreciates their support.

1. Nau, ecofashion giant, digs ‘the mindful life.’ First, Mr. Nau himself, Ian Yolles, gave ele’s Heather and Abbey, and yours truly, a little high-profile shout-out love. Check it here. Excerpt:


Its first incarnation was in the form of a printed magazine. Now, given Waylon’s adaptability, its morphed into an online journal. But reagardless of its form, Elephant continues as a guide to what they like to call “the mindful life: yoga, organics, sustainability, genuine spirituality, conscious consumerism, fair fashion, the contemplative arts…anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet.” That definitely sounds good to me.

You can discover lot’s of interesting nuggets at Elephant. For instance, a treasure trove of videos featuring the one and only Waylon in colorful conversation with people like Dr. Andrew Weil, Alice Walker, Teehugger’s Graham Hill, Deepak Chopra and Lester Brown. You can also find posts bearing titles like: Pioneering Natural Cleaning to the Masses: Clorox? Or Method? Or, Yogi Chocolate makes a difference: yoga during unemployment. Or, Chinese / Tibetan New Year: Year of the Ox. Poem & Gifts. You’ll also find content framed by serene banner ads from Patagonia.



2. elephantjournaldotcom makes its first top 10 Green Web Site List. Modern Eco Homes names its top 10 green forums that are doing good work to bring together those inspired to help change the world for the better—and to widen the tent to include those who thought they didn’t give a care:


The Best Green Forums, Directories and Video Media Sites on the Web


The warnings about the effects of global warming have become one of today’s hottest topics. Films, videos, news, businesses, benefit concerts and bloggers are all trying desperately to raise the world’s eco awareness, but being green and following an eco path can be a tough job for some.

I thought it might be helpful if I organized some of the internets top green directories, forums, and video sources in hopes that going green won’t feel so daunting or feel so confusing. Within these sites, you’ll find everything and anything you can imagine to facilitate going green. If there are some sites we have not mentioned, my apologies. Please feel free to add them to our comment section for all to see.
Hope you enjoy!

Green Thing is a not-for-profit …

Freecycle Network is made up of 4,675 groups with …

EcoStreet is an independent, pioneering directory and…

Elephant Journal is your guide to ‘the mindful life’ like yoga, organics, sustainability, spirituality, conscious consumerism, the arts, and anything that helps us live a good life and is also good for our planet. Founder Waylon Lewis is hilarious. His videos are a must see.

EcoTrotters is an online eco travel…

Green Thinkers is a site where you go to discuss and present ideas…

Earth911 is the ultimate guide for …

Make Me Sustainable offers tools to take action. Their Carbon and Energy Portfolio Manager enables you to visualize and contextualize your individual impact. They help you become a more environmentally conscious and efficient individual or business. Who wouldn’t want that?

Lighter Footstep believes …

Green.alltop helps you explore …

The Green Girls is an assortment…

Meta-efficient is the analysis of efficiency…

World Changing is a media site that comprises a global network of independent…

Carbon Planet is a global carbon…

Viva Green is a green and sustainable resource…

I’ve cut everything off above so we’re not just stealing their content. If you’d like to read the full post, go to Modern Eco Homes. Inspired, grateful for such a guide? I couldn’ta put such a good one together, I know that—then leave a comment by way of thanks and, svp, thank Kristen on ele’s behalf for the love.

3. Method Home Page Link to elephant.

Finally, green cleaning giant Method gave a little ‘Greenwashing Alert’ of mine a link on their home page, top left.


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