Communication in an era of Quantum Physics.

Via on Apr 16, 2009

Communication: Into the Realm of Vibration.


Undeniably, we live in a Quantum Physics Era.

Meditation as a way of living has been around for as long as an enlightened being has existed in human history…centuries upon centuries. In the West, books and movies like The Secret and What the Bleep have touched many people’s lives, and affected the way we understand the power of intention and the power of belief. A new Biology is offering a more clear understanding of evolution that clearly proves the power of thought. The awareness being awakened about the natural interconnection between organic live, and the collective space we occupy within the universe at the level of vibration has people rethinking the old adage that advices: “I think, therefore I am”…or to sound less philosophical “Be careful with what you wish…you might get it.”


Through out time, spiritual discipline teaches that what you think, what you say and what you do should be one and the same thing; since there is no one really who can tell us exactly how this Universe came to existence and why, weather there is life after death or death after life, the observation of this truth at the individual level seems to be a good feedback for any sign of progress in the path towards enlightenment.


Then we can say that a good question to ask every moment is: Do my thoughts, words and actions match? Do I say what I think as I think it? Do I do what I say as I say it? Maybe more important: Do I practice silence when negativity takes over my thoughts, words or actions?


We usually perceive spiritual practice as being harder than it actually is. And I believe this happens when our awareness is dormant. We are so use to the environmental conditions that we live in or were raised in that we do not question those conditions with the same approach as we question what we eat…well, maybe that is not a good example since you wouldn’t believe how many people do not question if what they put in their bodies is beneficial or detrimental to the self, so let me try again.


Let’s use the news as an example. Do you ever hear the news and wonder why you feel so bad after? Is it the news? Or is it the way you are being told the news? Granted, it is not fun to hear bad news, imagine when the bad news is being said negatively, without hope and with a sense of doom. In this case, the hearing sense is the one perceiving the outside stimulus, sending it to the brain with an specific qualification attached that relates to the vibration of the word; instantly the body creates a reaction to it that releases a specific chemical action in the brain that sends corresponding biological activity into the body and results in only two states of being: wellness or disease.


Then I wonder, why is that we do not pay more attention to the vibration of communication as we collectively know it… words. This might be a topic as old as Babel, especially since there are about 6900 known languages worldwide (according to The Boston Globe). Again, it might sound complicated, but as everything else, think local. Start with the self.


Let’s try it:


How would I say the phrase NO TO WAR with a higher vibration? What about YES TO PEACE. Instead of saying NO VIOLENCE I could say LIVE PEACEFULLY. Instead of talking about Economy and call it a CRISIS I could for sure call it a TRANSITION within affluence.


Like everything, in order to succeed, it takes awareness and practice. 




About Yesica Pineda

My name is Yésica Pineda-Moreno, though some people call me Yeye. I was born and raised in Mexico City. My mom and dad are wonderful people who raised me to believe that loving-kindness, peace of body, mind and soul ~ real happiness ~ are the only worthwhile goals in life, the rest is just history. At the age of 20, I was chosen a Mexican Musical Talent (Valores Juveniles = American Idol) between thousands of young people in the country. Such opportunity gave me the chance to travel to The United States and meet incredible famous people from whom I've learned plenty about the hard work involved in the public life and the challenges it represents to our spiritual growth. I recorded my solo album with 10 time’s Grammy winner engineer Rafa Sardina, and the talented songwriter Rafa Esparza-Ruiz. You can find it in any digital store by searching "Yeye Organic Pop". When I thought there was nothing else to be achieved, I found Yoga, or Yoga found me. In 2000, I started training with Bryan Kest and educated myself in his school of Power Yoga, which eventually led me to the practice of Vipassana meditation with teacher S.N.Goenka, training which I consider my foundation. For more information about my Yoga Practice visit My current music project is called Planetary Moods ~ Pop Sanskrit and the exploration of different frequencies resonance. You can hear my music on on myspace Listen at our website Planetary Moods.


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    thank you. an especially good reminder to my Self this week!!

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