Think Inside the Box: Innovations in Eco Housing.

Via on Apr 1, 2009

picture-41by Sarah Janelle Miller

Ever wished you lived in a box? What if it offered you all the comforts of your regular housing but was a lot “greener” and possibly more affordable? What if it could look like anything you wanted it to?

Well surprisingly, your answer might be a shipping container. Yes, you read correctly. A shipping container.

Ever seen those large, metal cargo containers being loaded on semis or stacked on trains? Sometimes they’re bright colors, but always rectangular and carrying a load of some sort.

Believe it or not, it is more cost effective for these shipping companies to buy new picture-31containers rather than re-use the old ones. So naturally (or unnaturally) they discard them. What to do with the old discards? Re-use them of course…

At first thought, living in a metal box that once shipped a car or furniture, may not seem all that enticing. But amazing things are happening to these containers, making them extremely home-worthy. Now, “Container Homes” are gaining popularity across the US and Europe.

Many savvy architects are jumping on the band-wagon and creating eco-chiq urban dwellings that boast luxury fixin’s and any eco-inspired trappings that you can dream up. Others have created innovative concepts that meet the needs of various lifestyles- like foldable houses that are ready to be transported to their next locale. Foldables have even been created that open with the push of a button.

picture-5The shipping cartons can be bought at a nominal fee (under $1,000) and placed in any location. They can be restructured by an independent mind or suped- up through a builder. Perfectly stackable, several can be joined to enlarge the living space. They can be fitted with solar panels or any other eco-minded concept that you can dream up.

Skies the limit it seems with the shell of an empty box.

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4 Responses to “Think Inside the Box: Innovations in Eco Housing.”

  1. Valerie Eric says:

    Hey Way,
    This is a great post. In my intro architecture class we actually had to design a box like this! It had to be 7x10x7 and be stackable like these. I designed mine to be completely self-sustaining, with solar panels on top! :)

  2. sj* says:

    just want to mention "thanks ann miller for the lead on this one!"


  3. trish says:

    That is so interesting – I used to drive by lots full of shipping containers as far as the eye could see in Newark NJ. It would be great to put them to positive use!

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