Ward Churchill wins! One dollar!

Via on Apr 2, 2009

ward churchill

Breaking News via CBS4Denver. Why, oh why, are liberals represented in the national media by their more obnoxious, dubious members? Remember Ward Churchill (who is or is not part-Native American) and his 9/11 victim/Nazi comments? Oh, right, because mainstream media loves a good mud fight—and so do journalisimo hacks like Hannity, Rush, O’Reilly, Olbermann.


A jury finds that Ward Churchill was wrongfully terminated and treated inappropriately treated by CU. 

Then the jury awarded the fired CU professor $1.

A judge will now decide if Churchill will get his job back.

The jury began deliberating Wednesday in a lawsuit challenging the Churchill’s firing after he wrote an essay likening some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi leader. 

Churchill contends he was fired in 2007 because of the uproar over the essay, not over allegations of plagiarism and research misconduct as the school claims.

Churchill’s attorney, David Lane, said during closing arguments that his client was fired for criticizing history’s “master narrative.”

“When you tell the truth about the master narrative, the master slaps you down for it,” Lane said. “Basically, white guys in suits write history,” he added later...for the rest, go to CBS4Denver.


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