Poem: Reflections of Love and Friendship.

Via on Jun 6, 2009


Thank you for being there when I needed help to see me through
…for all the time you gave to me when I was feeling sad and blue

You gave me perspective and hope, a ray of sunshine to light my way
A feeling that I’m guided by love, support and wisdom every day

I wish all these things for you, my lovely friend
Though the path may be dark at times and the road may bend

Know that you have the strength to overcome any doubt
Look within for courage, and pray like the devout!

Remind yourself of your gifts and talents, they were given for a reason
The time to use them is now, this moment…this is the perfect season

Revel in your beauty, love yourself to the extreme
Realize that you are powerful and always dare to dream

About Claire Amber

Claire Amber is new to the Boulder scene, having lived in California until recently. As a modern-day "renaissance woman", she is an entertainer, voice teacher, chef, artist & healer, among other things. Claire has been known as "the feng shui fairy" and writes about feng shui as a healing art. She also enjoys writing about live events, music, green living, arts therapy, food and self-empowerment. You can visit her blogs at Healing, Magic & Artistry and Heart's Desire Feng Shui. She can be found on twitter as healingmagicart.


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  1. Liz says:

    lovely, thank you for sharing.

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