Yoga + Dance = Tripsichore.

Via on Oct 8, 2009


Tripsichore, pronounced trip-sic-or-ee, is made up of Edward Clark, Nikki Durrant, Julia Horn, Bertie Russell, Toby Gillingham & Valentina Candiani. At least, they’re in the videos below—the troupe is constantly evolving, from what I gather.

Met Berty and Toby, fave new pals, at the 14th Annual Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park and saw a performance or two. Not sure about Edward Clark’s shorty shorts (see second vid)—since you’ve got to have balls to wear shorts that short, you don’t want to be wearing shorts that short. It’s sort of a catch twenty-two, you see (even if you don’t want to see).


Insects, again:

“Tripsichore began in 1979 as a company devoted to creating full length dance narratives. We explored a variety of stylistic forms including punk ballet, conventional modern dance and strict neo-classical technique. We used masks, performed with rock bands and did pop videos.

While yoga was always a part of our training, it wasn’t until 1992 that we realised the expressive potential and choreographic viability of yoga postures. Once we began to devise works using yoga asanas, their extraordinary artistic logic became evident. Surprisingly, it would seem that there has been no orthodox tradition for using yoga technique to create dances in the 5000 year history of the discipline. The postures intrinsically possess a sumptuous beauty and fluidity. They are the ideal vehicle to express the themes of harmony, balance, spirituality, ecstasy, bliss and mysticism because they are exactly about these subjects in and of themselves. We are now many years into this experiment and each day brings new discoveries..”


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