Support Local, Handmade, Yoga Inspired Jewelry: Swati Jr* Gems.

Via on Dec 6, 2009

by Sarah Miller
Picture 6End of the year sale.

Everything has been marked down at least 10% or more, just in time for holiday gift giving. New items have been added.

Need something special for your favorite yogi? Ask about custom orders!

Getting ready for new 2010 designs so stay tuned…

*jewelry inspired by the yogic lifestyle.

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*recycled metals used whenever possible.

*we tithe: 10% of profits go to my favorite organizations.

*made for yogis, created by a yogi.

*currently available at OmTime in Boulder.
:: sarah j. miller :: ::

or shop at

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About Saraswati J.

Saraswati J. is a Jyotish Coach and Consultant, bridging ancient wisdom with a Body-centered approach to Expressive Art Therapy. Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers---and those looking for insights for their dharmic path. Check out her website and find her on Facebook. Additionally, she creates unique adornments with the urban goddess in mind. Check out her jewelry at Swati Jr* Jewelry {Be A Goddess. Be Adorned.} #BeAGoddess and also on Facebook.


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2 Responses to “Support Local, Handmade, Yoga Inspired Jewelry: Swati Jr* Gems.”

  1. Katja says:

    Your earrings are FANTASTIC! Love them, and you!

  2. VallisSimon says:

    I was referring to earthly crowns. The Savior did not seek any earthly crown. I recall that when he was offered one–in effect, all of them–his answer was "Get thee behind me, Satan."

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