Monsanto is so awesome. {Video by Monsanto}

Via on Dec 29, 2009

Thank God for Monsanto. I mean, thank the Laboratory and the Board Room!

Monsanto: God’s gift to Man, or Man’s gift to Nature?

Thank god for Monsanto’s selfless, unrewarding quest to squeeze more food from a raindrop.

monsanto is awesome, so generous, thinking of only of our future!

Yay for Monsanto to the rescue! What? GMOs don’t produce more food, and aren’t proven safe, and Monsanto gets to patent seeds and already has infected most food staples (nearly 100% of corn, wheat, soy is GMO!), and sue farmers and push traditional farmers to bankruptcy and mass suicide? Oh, whatever: Monsanto’s awesome!

Bonus videos. Ethiopia has made GMOs illegal, Neighbor Neal tells me:

You can trust Fox, too!



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