Naropa University to cut $1.2 million from budget. How we can help.

Via on Dec 18, 2009

naropa university

Toward sustainability.

“You can plow the garden, trim and prune the branches, but don’t cut the root.”
—Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Naropa University founder

Don’t know much beyond the official word—just got emailed the below press release from the good folks over at Naropa University today—but this seems serious, and we’ll update this blog shortly with how/if we can help. I’d think 1.2 million in cuts (out of a small total budget of $25 million would mean deep layoffs etc…but under the firm inspired guidance of new President Stuart Lord and his administrative staff and Naropa‘s unparalleled, devoted faculty…I’m sure there’ll be a happy ending.

Have an idea how to help? Click here. When we figure out if there’s a simple way for the many of us who care about Naropa to donate, we’ll add that information here.

Particularly if we can all help Naropa through this situation:

BOULDER, Colo. (Dec. 7, 2009)—Naropa University’s president announced today that the university is committed to turning the tide in how it builds its budget.

Dedicated to building a fiscally sustainable model for the university in alignment with its strategic plan and mission, Dr. Stuart Lord announced the necessity for budget cuts totaling more than a million dollars.

“The goals of the strategic plan mandate that we move to a more fiscally sustainable model. We must provide a more stable economic environment for the foreseeable future in which to cultivate our bold and ambitious direction for contemplative education. We must act strategically, by taking a prudent and responsible approach to these economic realities.”

…for the rest, including mention of possible layoffs, go to Naropa’s site.


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