“Is There Anything else I can Help you With?” ~ Verizon Wireless

Via on Jan 8, 2010

verizon wireless customer service

Two months ago, I purchased a pricey mifi, a wireless card that enables me to blog anytime, just about anywhere. It’s not superfast—it’s 3G, same as my iPhone—but it’s good enough to enable me to maintain elephantjournal.com. Problem: while I was given lots of how-to manuals and paperwork, my accountant was unable to access my account—we hadn’t been given a password or username, and when we tried to establish one it asked for an email, which it didn’t recognize. Finally, with our accountant repeatedly trying to pay online but never figuring how to connect, the account was cut off. We called in, and were told there was a reinstatement fee.

I then tried eChat through their web site.

Charmed, I’m sure: an eChat with Verizon Customer Service.


Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Lakisha’

Lakisha: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  What kind of help do you need with My Verizon Log in or Registration assistance?

Waylon Lewis: I need a password and username? I don’t know how to pay our bills, need to send access info to my accountant.

Lakisha: I do understand how frustrating it can be not being able to log into your online account. It is okay and I am here to help you today by walking you through a password reset. First, can I get you to verify the Account Owner’s last four digits if the Social Security number?

Waylon Lewis: XXXX.

Lakisha: Thank you so much for verifying the information Waylon. When your service is suspend you will not be able to log into the online account either. I recommend that you please contact our Financial Services Department at 866-266-1445 to discuss payment arrangements. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Waylon Lewis: It wasn’t locked on Monday, we were told to create password.

Lakisha: I have review your account your service is suspend you will not be able to log in  when your  service is suspend

Waylon Lewis: It was only suspended bc my accountant couldn’t access to pay online…we’re ready to pay, can you connect us with someone now? Or should we just cancel whole account?

Lakisha: I understand your frustration I do apologize for the inconveniences, Financial Services Department at 866-266-1445 to make a payment or  stop by the local store to make a payment.

Waylon Lewis: is there a reinstatement fee? if so I’d like to just cancel it.

Waylon Lewis: My accountant’s been trying to pay for months, couldn’t figure out how to access.

Lakisha: Yes there will be reinstatement fee, if you cancel out the whole account

Waylon Lewis: I shouldn’t have to pay reinstatement…we were never given password or way to access.

Waylon Lewis: If I cancel whole account…what?

Waylon Lewis: Can you give us number of Boulder office where they failed to give us any access info? Maybe they’ll understand and take responsibility.

Lakisha: I understand your frustration I do apologize for the inconveniences, that is part of the process of reinstatement the service. You will need to make a payment first then you can get log in to the account by resetting your password.  I recommend you please contact Financial Services Department at 866-266-1445 to make a payment or stop by the local store. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Waylon Lewis: I’m happy to pay, but don’t think it’s fair to pay reinstatement, since it’s not our fault we couldn’t access our account. Help?

Lakisha: What is the city and state location

Waylon Lewis: Boulder, Colorado. Thank you.

Lakisha: Please hold on while I check that information.

Waylon Lewis: Thanks so much.

Lakisha: The store name Boulder Twenty-Ninth Street  1650 28th St,  Boulder, CO    80301 Tech Avail: Yes

Lakisha: (720) 406-5234

Waylon Lewis: Thanks! We’ll call.

Lakisha: Hours of operation

Lakisha: FRI 1/8/2010 10 – 8     SAT 1/9/2010 9 – 8     SUN 1/10/2010 10 – 6     MON 1/11/2010 10 – 8

Lakisha: TUE 1/12/2010 10 – 8     WED 1/13/2010 10 – 8     THU 1/14/2010 10 – 8

Lakisha: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Waylon Lewis: Well, frankly, I wish you could enable us to pay up without a fee.

Waylon Lewis: DO you have a direct number? That number is generic, not getting us to human being.

Waylon Lewis: Sorry? Hello?

Waylon Lewis: You there?

To be fair, we finally got through to the Boulder office, after being redirected, and the lady was very helpful, enabling us to pay up without a fee after we offered to just cancel the whole thing, and pay whatever cancellation fee was required.

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  3. noneofthatray says:

    you should have contacted verizon the first month you were not able to make a payment. that is obvious. you are not just given a user name and password, you have to register for one. you cant register if your service is suspended. basically you waite too long to contact verizon and it could have all been avoided

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