Saturday Eve, Post “After Party” at Natural Products Expo West, 2010…

Via on Mar 14, 2010

logoToday, I decided to scope out the display cases for things of interest. I wrote down some booth numbers in my little book and headed in to the show. I had to pace myself very carefully. My energy, admittedly, was not great today. I guess that’s what I got for pushing things to the limit, timewise, last night. Guess I better tidy things up soon so I can get a good night’s rest. It’s already midnight. 

I started out with visiting a medicinal mushrooms company.  I really wanted to understand what the guy was saying about why that company’s mushrooms are the best. Too bad we weren’t speaking the same language. After about ten minutes of trying to decipher his lingo, I decided I’d had enough and got outta there. 

I spoke with reps from four other companies in that section. More on those later, probably in the final report. I also snapped a bunch of pics of things to consider for later. That worked well as it gave me a chance to do my thing without spending the energy needed to form coherant sentences. 

There’s one more day left of Natural Products Expo West. Am feeling a mix of tiredness and excitement. My plan for Sunday is to get more coverage, follow up on some things I made notes on/took pics of today and tag along with Waylon.

I promise to have pics up and fill in the details of my coverage once I have a chance to really sit still for a couple hours, edit everything and pull it all together. Thanks for your patience and please hang with me for more coverage of this massive event. 

P.S. Special shout out to Bob. Thanks, Way, for telling me about the after party and for meeting me there : ) Thanks, Mom, for letting me borrow the car to get to the after-party.

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  1. Look forward to your reports and photos. I alway used to get exhausted when I attended business conferences, too, although I always found it to be a lot more fun being an attendee than a presenter. Never been a reporter at one.

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