Dalai Lama Recognizes New Bodhisattva of Strength.

Via John Pappas
on Apr 1, 2010
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April Fool’s! The Chinese are in as much control and suppressing freedom just as much as ever! :(

“This girl is the next Dalai Lama! Photo. Under pressure by the Chinese Communists—who threatened to appoint the next Dalai Lama within China so they could control… “

In a surprising turn of events, His Holiness the Dalai Lama official made The Incredible Hulk even more incredible by elevating the comic icon to the level of Bodhisattva.  The Hulk, now know as Vajra-Hulk had these words to say…

Me hulk love little man in funny hat … Hulk want to control and focus rage into constructive contemplation.  Hulk has much work to do but recently purchased Tiger Woods Magic Buddha Bracelet and is expecting big things.

There was a rumor that Vajra-Hulk was going to be going down the path of Zen after an attempt at koans.  The subtle simplicity of koan practice was somewhat lost on the big Green Man after an attempt at “Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two” was followed my the Hulk ripping of Zen Master Genpo-roshi’s arms and placing them on his head.  In reply, Genpo-roshi charged the hulk $15,000 per arm for the sudden realization he was sure took place.  The Hulk followed up by his own koan, featured on his blog

Why humans so stupid?
Stupid human ask Hulk why he smashed through building.
Hulk says “To get to the other side.”
That is right answer!

Elephant tried to get a comment from His Holiness the Dalai Lama but all we recieved were angry mumblings about “a bet with Stan Lee” something concerning the Invisible Woman and cocaine.  The official of mandala of Vajra-Hulk is below.


Rumors are also circulating that the Pope is planning on replacing Jesus with Wolverine-Christ but we are unable to confirm or deny it at this point.  We do, however, have a teaser from Marvel Comics new illustrated Bible featureing a very Wolverine-like Christ and a very lame Jubilee-ish Mary.






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7 Responses to “Dalai Lama Recognizes New Bodhisattva of Strength.”

  1. Nikki Magdalena says:

    I didn’t understand all of this, (invisible woman and cocaine?), but still made me laugh. The mandala alone!

  2. Stupid intense debate signed me out! Going again!

    Its ok, I wrote it and didn't get all of it. But the Invisible Woman was from the Fantastic Four and the Hulk always disliked the Thing from the same group. And cocaine just leads to bad decisions…


  3. Randi Willis Young says:

    This had me nearly under my desk laughing! Great stuff! I can't believe people are getting so ticked off over a joke, though. Any negative feedback from His Holiness yet?

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  5. jcipriano says:

    Hello? is anyone there.. its April fools day.. right?

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