Jai Uttal: Best Kirtan Video Ever?

Via on Nov 29, 2010

I just love this incredibly creative and inspiring video with Jai Uttal, his wife Nubia, and his son Ezra.  What do you think? Does it make you want to go down on your knees and pray? And then dance?

If you are new to Jai’s music, please check out his website: www.jaiutttal.com

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Ramesh Bjonnes was born in Norway and lived for nearly three years in India and Nepal learning directly from the masters of tantric yoga. He has written extensively on tantra, yoga, culture and sustainability, and his articles have appeared in books and numerous magazines and newspapers in Europe and the US. His forthcoming book on Tantra will be published by Hay House India soon. He is currently contributing editor of New Renaissance and a columnist for Fredrikstad Blad, a Norwegian newspaper. He lives in an eco-village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Visit his blog here: Eight Fold Path. His book Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit: A Personal Guide to the Wisdom of Yoga and Tantra can be purchased here.


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4 Responses to “Jai Uttal: Best Kirtan Video Ever?”

  1. Absolutely incredible. This video had me in tears – so devotional and creative – what a wonderful work of the heart!

  2. Bhaeravii says:

    fantastic!!! so appealing!!!

  3. Shiva says:

    Very creative, and moving. Thanks for posting that.

  4. This is my first experience watching Jai Uttal perform. I like the mix or oriental and occidental flavors, the spiritual with the familial, the child and the adults. I used to live with him in Berkeley in 1970 in a house we rented together with other people. That was when he was taking Sarod lessons and practicing hours everyday. Ah, memories from the past and realities of the present.

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