The Future of Elephant Journal: Yoga.

Via on Nov 22, 2010

Dear elephriends,

Over the past year or so Bob Weisenberg, whom I’ve never yet met in the flesh, has contributed hundreds of comments and dozens of blogs and a few innovative book club/discussions to the elephant community. He hasn’t done so because he has nothing better to do—well, I hope that nurturing yoga community and dialogue is pretty high up on the list of things worth devoting one’s time to—but I think he’s done so because he sees this elephant forum’s ability to grow and be of service. To be of benefit—that’s my vow as a Buddhist, and an aspiration all we mindful lifers share.

I consider it a great honor that Bob, without asking anything in return, has come forward to lend his energies in a more formal way to elephant. My only fear? That I’ll have to work doubly as hard to make sure elephant’s other areas of focus—meditation, adventure, green, family—keep up with the quality of our yoga content and community.

One note: Bob is wildly popular. He’s a thoughtful, open gent. If, however, you’re one of the two or three folks who have questioned elephant’s yoga content in the past, please know that Bob (and I) do not claim any editorial control. This is an open forum—as Trungpa Rinpoche said, we’re nurturing flowers here, not putting lids on freedom. Disagree with something? Say so. ~ Waylon Lewis, ed-in-chief.


Hello everyone.  I just volunteered to come out of retirement to serve as full time Yoga Editor for Elephant Journal. Waylon has accepted my offer, so please consider me an integral part of the Elephant team.

Elephant Journal is at a terribly exciting place right now.  It’s big enough to have a large and enthusiastic audience, but small enough that we can take it in almost any direction we want it to go, and experiment with almost anything we want to try.

This is true in all subjects on Elephant.  But since Yoga is my particular interest, I’d like to ask all of you, writers and readers, new and experienced alike:

Where would you like to see Elephant Yoga go in the future?

To help get the discussion going, I’ll throw out a few of my own ideas:

Create special interest blogs for different types of Yoga, Anusara, Astanga, Kripalu, etc.

Bring on many more special guests, both for interviews and guest articles, like we’ve done thus far with Stefanie Syman, Lucy Edge,  Gotham Chopra and others.

Find ways to make it easier to find Yoga content you’re looking for, e.g. by creating more menu choices.

Republish great blogs from the past that cry out for more readership or discussion.

Write blogs in which we collect the best articles on a topic in one place, e.g. “Elephant Guide to Meditation.”

Create more highly participative topical discussion series like Gita in a Nutshell.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

Now please tell us your ideas!

Bob Weisenberg
Yoga Editor

About Bob Weisenberg

Bob Weisenberg: Editor, Best of Yoga Philosophy / Former Assoc. Publisher, elephant journal / Author: Yoga Demystified * Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell * Leadership Is Like Tennis, Not Egyptology / Co-editor: Yoga in America (free eBook) / Creator: Gita Talk: Self-paced Online Seminar / Flamenco guitarist: "Live at Don Quijote" & "American Gypsy" (Free CD's) / Follow Bob on facebook, Twitter, or his main site: Wordpress.



43 Responses to “The Future of Elephant Journal: Yoga.”

  1. Benjamin Riggs BenRiggs says:

    How are you? Hope everything is well… This is an awesome idea.
    Ok here is what has got me all hopped up:
    "Write blogs in which we collect the best articles on a topic in one place, e.g. “Elephant Guide to Meditation”."
    Anything I can do help with this, especially the "Elephant Guide to Meditation" please let me know!

  2. candicegarrett says:

    love this, you and your ideas!

  3. What amazing news! Bob, we are infinitely in your debt. If you need a yoga contributor, I'd be delighted to help as well.

  4. carrie says:

    congrats <g> looking forward to leaning

  5. carrie says:

    my suggestion are more discussions great way to connect as a yoga community and if looking for stuff on yoga and disabilities me know I love to contribute.

  6. pauloone says:

    A very exciting development for the Journal and the community. Welcome. Namaste.

  7. *jj* says:

    I've loved the individual voices describing what makes yoga meaningful for them – the global perspective is invaluable to me. I'd like to see more articles about how we can continue to strive toward balance in our chaotic, materialistic lives…such as weighing in on aparigraha when you're decked out in head-to-toe lulu, or how to practice ahimsa when that spider in your bedroom is larger than an Oldsmobile and sports more back hair than Steve Carell as the 40-year-old virgin.
    <3 Elephant love <3

  8. Fabulous idea! I'd be delighted to help out if needed, too.

  9. Erica Rodefer Winters Erica says:

    This is great news! Congrats, Bob! I <3 Elephant!

  10. Tamara says:

    Congratulations!! I think you're a perfect fit for the E and have loved your writing for quite some time. I also vote to remember yoga off the mat~yoga in our lives, thoughts, relationships….everywhere; because that's really what it's all about anyways.. (anyway? need some editing here) :-) Asana is only 1/8th of true yoga.
    Peace, love, and many blessings!

  11. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations, Bob! I'm happy to hear this. Your ideas are great, and I always enjoy reading your posts. Yay!

  12. Hi, Emily. Thank for writing. That's definitely in the plans.

    (We are working hard to expand content in all aspects of Yoga and to serve the whole Yoga community.)

    Bob W.

  13. Michelle Margaret Fajkus yogafreedomfoundation says:

    Felicidades, Bob! I think this is great. As a columnist, I love the flexibility and openness of Elephant Journal but I'm also excited to have more editorial guidance. I like your ideas and I will share some further suggestions soon! Gracias. Namaste, Michelle

  14. indrasingh says:

    liking it Bob
    I agree, (as a pretty experienced Yoga teacher myself) i think it would be good to section the topics, from light hearted to a bit more serious.
    Some people who want to read about Yoga want to read about Yoga not always about what Tara stiles(sorry id that 's spelt wrong Tara) had for breakfast if you get my drift.
    Get more of an idea about what is going on Yogically around the world not JUST in the USA
    I"ll throw some more info in when i have 5

  15. Willie says:

    I'd suggest that everyone associated with Elephant take about two weeks to completely withdraw into a yoga and meditation retreat where you don't think about EJ at all. Just practice. Meditate. Work on your personal transformation. Focus on the Yamas and Niyamas. Focus on loving kindness and respect for all beings. Then come back and take a look at EJ and see how you feel. Does the look and feel reflect what you developed inside while you were away? If not, what can you do to bring more of the essence of yoga to the site? It is my belief that most people who spend time here regularly have become desensitized to some very negative themes and values that are being perpetuated here.

  16. Thanks for your ideas, Ricardo. And thanks for your own excellent contributions to Elephant in your popular blogs.

  17. Thanks for your ideas, Ramesh, and for your many excellent articles, which always seem to generate such interesting conversations.

  18. Congratulations Bob… You know my POV, more audaciousness, keeping it real + relevant. My POV cares about the people who don't do yoga yet, as much as those that do…
    I would like you to boss me around to tell me to post more apart from that Carry On… (A Brit colloquialism…)

    Lorra Love and what a gift You and Waylon are…
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Doreen Hing aka The Well-Heeled Guru aka talking about yoga in a real world…

  19. How wonderful! What fantastic ideas you already have!

  20. elephantjournal says:

    Love it! Great news for Elephant, Bob–and I heartily second all of the ideas you've listed above. ~ Angela R.

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