Heels and feet small

Via on Nov 30, 2010

To High Heel or not to High Heel...

About Doreen Hing

Doreen Hing, AKA, The Well-Heeled Guru, is a repenting Elitist Fashionista & Serial Upgrader who delights in the beauty of well designed and mindful products & services. She believes conscious consumerism has the power to shift perspectives, to enhance and move societies’ forward. The WHG recently dropped the ‘Elitist’ and prefers to share the how-to, where’s & why’s of an upgraded, well human being lifestyle, hence Plank her yoga lifestyle brand. The voice is an unapologetic, ironic Brit and through her discoveries of Ridiculous Body Awareness on her yoga mat, the results are almost incredulous, yet real & immediate. Hands or feet down, her goal is to get everybody to the mat to experience their own power & self-healing through their own Ridiculous Body Awareness…


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