Relationship: Be One Free Spirit

Via yeye
on Jan 20, 2011
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One. One is the self, one is the company, one is who I am.

Then comes the other, another One. A dance of attraction pulls us together, we surf the vibration of what is in the waves of the senses.  Because of the vibration, without questions, without reserving myself to my oneness I commit to the feeling of being Two.

So it happens that I forget I am One. So it happens that the other forgets about oneness.

In the exploration of the world, the universe and the other, I reflect, daring to trust, daring to give, daring to receive. In the love of the other  I want to stay pure, shinny, untouched by the conditions of  the two, but the passions arise in moments of moonlight, sometimes full, sometimes new, sometimes black. We forget we are one.

Whatever my practice, my believe, my vision, my opinion, whatever my understanding of life, surely is mistaken if its manifestation lacks harmony, harmony with the self, harmony with the other. When defending my point of view fades away the love, then I am only dwelling in the ego, playing the game of the senses, loosing myself in the hell of control.

Before I impose my opinions on the other, I remember I am One, so is the other. I make sure I am grounded, I need to be grounded. I make sure here is where we meet, in the sacred space of awareness of the one.

In relationship, space is love.

*be one free spirit*



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  1. magda says:

    Thank you for a beautiful reminder, Yessi. Much love!

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