Sarah Palin’s response to the Tucson Shooting.

Via elephant journal
on Jan 13, 2011
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Finally, Sarah Palin’s response.

By contrast, here’s President Obama’s speech in Tucson, just posted.

While I can’t agree with all of the below—particularly Governor Palin’s insistence that a sane yet vitriolic society bears no responsibility and has no relationship to the insane individual…I do appreciate her insistence on the right to peaceful, respectful discourse.

That’s what elephant is all about—and so, in that spirit, here’s the speech of a woman I do not agree with, often:


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28 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s response to the Tucson Shooting.”

  1. Barbara says:

    Mrs. Palin,You need to take responsiblity for your actions and unfortunately I did not heard any of that in your speech..You just rambled on and on and skirted the real issue. Can you not just come out and say" I should have never put gun targets on a poster where our reps lived" To me you are a coward. A sad world we live in today…

  2. Bianca says:

    This is when our nation shines brightest? Mrs. Palin is unwavering in reading her script. There was very little that was convincing about her reading of this speech; sincerity beyond lacking. The focus of this speech attempts only at directing responsibility away from her divisiveness and the divisiveness of the conservative right both before, during and after our last presidential and congressional elections. Her violent imagery and words in describing how to best address our differences as a nation has been repeatedly documented and has served to fuel our regressive political and social dialogue to the detriment of our society as a whole. She has repeatedly avoided responsibility for respectful discourse and yet again embraces a farce of honest and open debate. "Peaceful dissent" has been far from accessible in her regular inflammatory speeches and yet again respectful embrace of differences is insincere and plastic in her delivery. That said, I don't believe Mrs. Palin endorses the recent shootings in Arizona, but I also don't believe she is wiling to take responsibility for the vitriolic discourse she has precipitated to further an agenda that covets violence and diminishes our capacity to cultivate a climate that serves our capacity for intelligent and life-enhancing debate and resolution.

  3. Dale Cash says:

    So I guess you must think that violence on Tv does not affect people..Come on Mrs. Palin, we are all connected in society and what one peson does can affect others…

  4. lrother says:

    Mmm. The perfect make up, the expensive hair highlights, and the newly learned and well rehearsed speech. The new Sarah Palin. How scary. "not designing a system for perfect men and women"? Amazing how perfectly appointed she looks, her new image. Too bad it is all so shallow. Plus, Mrs. Palin, in case you haven't checked lately, we are indeed, all connected. And what is all that smiling all about, at such a sad time? Yuck

  5. Yogainthevalley says:

    She says each individual needs to take responsibility for their own actions. I agree wholeheartedly but don't see her taking any responsibility for hers. Maybe I just watch "Lie to Me" too much, but notice her body language, particularly what she is saying was she shakes her head "no". This would indicated that she does not agree with what she is saying. I would like to believe in the the effort, Ms. Palin, but I found it to be self-serving and insincere.

  6. octoberlyn says:

    The flag looks like it was "photoshopped" in? Am I seeing that right?

  7. elephantjournal says:

    Michael L That's as sincere as any politician ever gets. That's not saying much. The "real" part was over 15 seconds in.

    Diane M There was a REAL part? For someone speaking about an unspeakable tragedy, she couldn't have been more cheerful and plucky! Her mouth reminds me of Kermit T. Frog! Why does she have a flag behind her? She isn't even a GOVERNOR anymore! She is a spoiled brat attention WHORE. She would do better as a soap opera personality! THERE, I SAID IT.

    # Keep it respectful, please, Diane! ~ Waylon

    Diana D
    That you wrote that you appreciate her insistence on the right to peaceful, respectful discourse touches a raw nerve. She is a liar and a hypocrit. She is neither peaceful nor respectful. In alerting her faithful to the map with the cros…shairs on her website, she sent a tweet that said, "dont retreat, instead reload." Gifford's Republican opponent asked supporters to donate $50 in order to "shoot a fully automatic M16" to "get on target" and help "remove Gabrielle Giffords." Sarah Palin subsequently praised Jesse Kelly on Fox Business News saying: "I don't feel worthy to lace his combat boots." Peaceful and respectful, give me a break!See More

    Michael L I believe that the concolences were the real part. Then the spin started. All part of the game. Obama said exactly what he "should" have said about it too. They both need to figure out that people were killed, not potential voters.

    Konnie H I thought her use of the "blood libel" term was most unfortunate & offensive, & suspect that she hardly comprehends the meaning & emotional impact of those words.

    Deborah B WHY would you post this?? She stands for everything I think is wrong with America. This can be see all over the internet. I didn't expect this from you. She wouldn't know a "genuine" moment if it hit her in the face.

    Jenny G
    I agree with Michael … Regardless of my or your political leaning, this tragedy is sadly being "spun" by both parties. I have watched the video above and seen several video clips of the Obama remarks yesterday in Tuscon. I feel like bla…me is being placed where it shouldn't be … whether it is talk radio, Sarah/Rush/Glenn, Fox News, etc. Bottom line, this was a very disturbed young man who is clearly mentally ill and perpetrated a horrible crime. It is not time for political pandering, but rather a time for this country to come together and mourn the tragic loss of innocent life and "hold hands" as we hope for the speedy recovery of the wounded.

    Angela A I applaud your intent to foster civil discourse by posting this. The recognition that folks with differing political views are not enemies except in the narrow context of debate is something that isn't given enough attention. I disagree with nearly everything Ms. Palin has to say, however, disagreement is something we should welcome and embrace. The world isn't binary: them v us. We need more reminders of that in order to overcome what is often an overwhelming bombardment of irresponsible and negative rhetoric.

    Silvia C Thank you for posting and thank you Angela for stating the importance of constructive debate and disagreement.

    Paul L She's in a defensive mood, so she's the sure victim here.

    Roz: I have to say the blood libel statement negated anything positive she had to say.

    Carol A: she is racist, don't know if that is constructive but it certainly seems to be the case….but so is the entire US penal system racist…

  8. elephantjournal says:

    Karki M
    She's slimy enough to stress the "innocent" victims, which allows for her followers who don't like Federal judges to still like her. She's partisan enough to mention the last two elections. She's ahistorical enough to mention dueling as a…n American tradition and not know how absolutely vile she is to mention "blood libel". She's all excuses when she could just say she's thought about it and has decided to tone down the rhetoric. Instead, she thinks everything she said or did is okay and it's the media who is hateful for suggesting that she is somehow, in some way, responsible for what happened. Very few made that connection as strongly as she now has.

    A woman who mocks the President for using a teleprompter used a teleprompter to say these words. The woman who quit her responsibility and has plenty of free time still can't go in front of actual reporters and answer real questions. The woman who orchestrates all her public appearances still can't go unscripted. We've seen behind the curtain and most have concluded that she lacks the discipline, the intelligence, the empathy, the values, and the thick skin needed to run for President.

    Also, she left things with a threat. She said that her words couldn't possibly lead to violence, as only the criminal is responsible for the crime. But she said that the media and left wingers are going to create a hostile environment that will create violence. Somehow, even after a Democratic Congresswoman is shot along with 19 others and countless other Democrats have been threatened, we're to believe that the right wing never stirs up anything reprehensible. She is certifiably wrong in this measure, threatening in her tone, and clearly unfit to continue her wicked ways.

    Laurie F I doubt her sincerity at all. I assume Karl Rove wrote this little media speech opportunity for her, because she can't put together one coherent sentence on her own.

    Carol A

    video has reference to a study that seems to prove they are crazy from fear, it is a malfunctioning brain due to an enlarged right amygdala

    Sheryl F By making herself the victim and showing herself to be a anti-Semite, she clearly still does not get that "words do have consequences".

    Darren G
    it is unfortunate that it seems to take a national tragedy to allow a president to truly step up and lead (though the potential realized tends to soon evaporate). president reagan with challenger. president bush the day he stood on a pile o…f the remains of the WTC and grabbed the bull horn. president obama today. words do mean something. words count. words inspire. words motivate. last night is what separates people like obama from people like palin, allowing us to see the difference between one who can lead and one who just wants the position.See More

    David M Mindless fingerpointing? How about mindless use of metaphors of violence and use of firearms? Palin takes no responsiibility and blames anyone who finds HER offensive for the problem. She uses tired cliches that look to the past.She denies collective responsibility and uses the word"respectfully," a word that she does not and could not use to discuss her own overblown rhetoric. She is desperate to make it all about her. One hopes that this is a large nail in her political coffin.

    Jenny G I've already commented on the link, but I think that it might be worth noting that there are people of all political leanings that not only value the content that elephant journal provides, but are also financially invested in seeing elephant journal thrive and succeed, myself being one of them. My political views are not important, but it would be nice to see more constructive debate and disagreement as Silvia suggested and even Waylon asked that it be constructive if disagreeing with Palin's video.

    eft and right wing have both been taken over by zealots, whose mindless followers just love to cheer for their "team"

  9. elephantjournal says:

    Carol Anne Knapp You can no longer comment on Sarah Palin's facebook page, I guess she does not wish to know what anyone else has to say when they want to exercise free speech.
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading… ·
    Peter A I don't think it's at all disrespectful to point out, as have others, that in the same sentence she denies that her words have fostered violence, but claims that by criticizing her, her opponents are fostering violence. So negative rhetoric both does and doesn't foster violence – does not compute –

    Mat H Her diction is terrible. She seems so insincere, pausing in the wrong places, leaving sentences hanging, or starting them in the wrong places. That isn't going to matter to her fan-base though: they'll see her as sincere and not over-polished. Fortunately, I don't think she'll be appealing to anyone new with this tripe, and some will be put off by it.

    Carolyn Those who believe that a culture of negative discourse – whether in politics, print, music, or the pulpit – doesn't have an impact on society as a whole are fooling themselves. People listen to words, tone and body language and many hear a call to action, especially those who may be mentally unstable already. We can only hope that this incident, with all its shocking emotion, will help everyone look in the mirror and reflect on how they may or may not contribute to that culture.

    Jennifer B Im sorry elephant journal, but I don't see a lot of room to constructively debate here. The whole concept of this video is ridiculous and fake.

    Darrin B Beware the narcissists, for they cannot feign neither sincerity nor feeling.

    Bruce S: Best quote I've read about this:

    "Sarah Palin and her crew are feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe they can ask Muslims with advice on how to deal with that."
    -Jonathan Elinof

    I guess most folks here only hear what they want to hear. The murderer was, according to those who new him, apolitical…and also obviously disturbed….this is an indictment of how people with mental problems are swept under the rug in th…is country….and the horrible act had absolutely NOTHING to do with Palin's dumb map. The DNC a put out a similar map in 2006, but no one mentions that. this is why most Libertarians and most Centrists think that the l

  10. TamingAuthor says:

    Yes, let us shut down all speech. It would be better if everyone just goes silent. Totally silent. Everyone on the cushion, NOW.

  11. nathan says:

    After reading all this – seeing both responses from members of the left and the right – it's so obvious that political rhetoric impacts us all. The locked in partisan narratives expressed here, from Mr. Faux Neutral Taming Author to those offering a free and easy demonization of Sarah Palin, demonstrates exactly how vulnerable humans are to the common narratives of a society. I've been reading writings by Buddhists, yoga practitioners, and other spiritual practitioners and it's almost exactly like I see here. So, think about it – if most of us are locked up in partisan narratives, to the point of demonizing and placing full blame on the other political side – just imagine what happens to people who are mentally unstable, isolated, and have a history of legal problems?

    It's a total joke to me that people who claim to practice yoga or Buddhism, both of which have a strong emphasis on forms of right speech and the ripple effects ( or karma) destructive speech often has, would suggest that the brutal political climate Americans have lived in over the past decade or two has no impact on the violent decisions of people shooting up a political event, or crashing a plane into an IRS building (remember Joe Stack?). Apparently, this stuff only applies in the comfort of our yoga studies, buddhist centers, and our immediate family and friends.

  12. ARCreated says:

    I try I really really do…but this woman just annoys me. I feel bad that I can't even listen to the truths in her words because I can't get past the package :( I agree with responsibiltiy…but …yet…OI coming from her everything sounds less intelligent and reasonable.

  13. Compare this to Obama's speech last night and you have irrefutable evidence that Palin will never ever be president.

  14. Donelle says:

    You know I dont care for obama or palin. Im neither republican or democrat. I just wonder if anyone in the democrat party was accused when some lunatic shot Ronald Reagan?

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